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Do you recall the summer breaks during school? At grandma’s place? When all we did was run around, climb trees, play with our new friends, and explore the surroundings while sipping lemonade? Oh! And how can I forget being spoilt with a plethora of delicacies? Our favorite was “Nani ke hath ki gular ki sabzi.” Back then, it was just a product of her magical hands that we all loved. But now, when it’s observed through the lens of ayurvedic wisdom, the astuteness of her rationale is apparent.

Cluster fig (ficus racemose), also known as Gular, is an infamous medicinal plant known to treat Vata and Pitta doshas since the beginning of time. This remarkable member of the Moraceae family is a requisite that is needed now more than ever before. Our drastic lifestyle changes have had a significant impact on the quality of life. Thus, it is crucial to restore balance and be in harmony with nature’s design.

वायु पिततं कफशचेति त्रयो दोषा: समास्त: ॥

विकृता विकृतादेहं घ्नन्ति ते वर्त्तयन्ति चा ।

Ashtanga Hridayam

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the three doshas of the body. A perfect balance of the three doshas leads to health. An imbalance in the tridosha leads to diseases.

According to the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and homeopathy, every bit of Gular fruit is advantageous. How? Let me list just a few of the numerous advantages for you!

Gular is stacked with abundant reserves of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, carotene-β, and lutein-zeaxanthin. All of which are known to stimulate the immune system, prevent DNA damage and reduce disease occurrence.

Benefits of Gular

1. Strengthens the Immune System:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, & Vitamin E act as antioxidants (molecules that fight problem-causing agents- free radicals) and infection-fighting agents in the body. Copper and iron, in synergism with these, promote the healing of tissues by speeding up recovery processes. They enhance oxygenation within the body and help the body fortify its defense system.

2. Cognitive Performance:

Folate, iron, and carbohydrates exert neuroprotective qualities and augment cognitive performance. Additionally, antioxidants play a vital role in defending the body against oxidative stress, the reduction of which is associated with an improvement in cognitive abilities.

3. Generation of red blood cells:

Folate is required for the formation of heme, a pigmented iron-containing portion of hemoglobin, that is of immense importance in the production of RBCs. An ample supply of folate will never let anemia come anywhere near you!

4. High stores of energy:

Copper is an important element required in the generation of ATP’s (the energy currency of our bodies). It also assists in keeping the nerves, immune system, blood vessels, and bones healthy. Not only does copper speed up the absorption of iron, but it also aids our body in the making of collagen. A copper-rich diet ensures maintenance of energy levels above the mark and reduces instances of bone-destructive processes.

5. Anti-diabetic effects:

The decoction of Gular’s stem bark has resulted in a lowering of glucose levels in diabetic patients. This activity is due to phytonutrients called flavonoids.

Wondering how to make this decoction? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered! It is super easy. Just take a small piece of gular bark and boil it in water. The water should only be enough to immerse the bark fully. Reduce the water to 1/4th of the added quantity. Next, strain it in a cup, and voila! This decoction can also be used to reduce inflammation, fever, and pain.

Check out Amrutam’s Diabkey Capsules; an effective herbal remedy for patients suffering from diabetes.

6. Cardiovascular health and prevention of stroke:

Cardiovascular health and prevention of stroke: Magnesium is the protector of the heart from different ailments. Its supplementation in the diet keeps blood pressure in check. Magnesium is known to regulate the heartbeat in conditions such as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Furthermore, potassium is known for its vital role in maintaining brain functions. The influx of potassium causes dilation of the blood vessels that ensure proper oxygen supply to the brain. The free flow of blood prevents instances of clots, which might consequently lead to strokes.

7. Hypolipidemic activity:

Dietary fibers of gular have been shown to increase the excretion of bad cholesterol and improve reserves of good cholesterol. Good cholesterol drives the bad cholesterol out, which might accumulate in the arteries and cause blockage.

8. Gular in menstruation:

Periods are accompanied by cramps, weakness, body pain, acne, and other symptoms that take a toll on bleeding individuals. Therefore, it is necessary for care to be taken. Gular here saves the week! Magnesium supplements are often known to relieve cramps. This is because magnesium helps relax back muscles and muscular tension. Moreover, as described earlier, the iron content of this astonishing fruit replenishes the lost blood during the menstrual cycle, thereby elevating menstrual health.

  • Those experiencing irregular periods may consume an ayurvedic jam that contains Gular, Ashoka, Shatavari, and Lodhra to manage the condition. Amrutam’s Nari Soundarya Malt provides numerous benefits and will keep you “period-protected.”

Fun fact: Gular blossoms are minuscule and elegantly bedecked in the chamber of figs.


This incredible fruit is first sighted during early spring and is seen throughout the summer. Who could’ve wondered if “Gular ki sabzi” was equally rich in nutrients? The finesse of Ayurveda never fails to amaze me. So, let’s cook ourselves a wholesome meal filled with magic and dive back into the ocean of good old memories!



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