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Health & Beauty

Do you love gazing at the serenading orange shades of the setting sun? Or is it the complex strokes of a brush on a canvas that attract you? Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers to these questions! Because that’s how the idea of ‘beauty’ works – simple, intriguing, yet so very personal and subjective to each individual.

And though this is a concept almost all of us had been quite clearly aware of, we have often fallen prey to the much convoluted, orchestrated idea of what ‘beauty’ means to us as a collective. The idea of slim bodies, thick lips, perfect noses, and curves at all the right places made us oblivious to the most significant aspect of our lives, wherein lies the true beauty – our Health!

Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil, dusky shades by Nupur Singh

Idea behind the Contest

While with time, the definition of beauty has changed, the definition of health has also grown broader, encompassing various facets – spiritual, mental, and of course, physical. We are all finally gravitating towards holistic and wholesome health. And so, to celebrate and encourage the role and contribution of health in beauty, Amrutam is organizing a four-week long Creators’ Contest titled ‘Health is Beauty.’

Health is Beauty is both a challenge and celebration for the creators, inviting the thinkers and go-getters to showcase the most innovative and transformative ideas! The competition finds its premise of giving opportunities to young and budding artists.

Amrutam Herbal Ubtan // Amrutam Celebrates The Ultimate Religion of Mankind – Love.
Pride Month Creation by Gopi Vadsak.

“We receive at least 150+ collaboration requests on a monthly basis on email, Instagram, and other channels, so the basic idea behind the competition is to give an opportunity to maximum creators who reach out to us,” says Agnim Gupta, Team Amrutam. Highlighting the importance of creating a platform, he adds, “As a brand, we aim to provide opportunities to creators who are talented but are social media-shy and lack a platform to showcase their work.”

“I have always been an artist at my core, and I am truly grateful that Amrutam has given all of us an opportunity to work with some of the best creators of our generation. I am really looking forward to all the entries to this contest with an intention that is pretty much to uplift and hunt for great artists,” says Stuti Ashok Gupta, Team Amrutam.

What our jury members have to say

We also have some of the most innovative, passionate, and hardworking creators with us on our jury panel. Upon asking what are their expectations from the contest, Srishti Tehri, co-founder of PetPipers and Artisans of Banjara, says, “I’m looking forward to seeing how a creator is authentic to their art and how they present health because it is very tough to be able to portray the various aspects and angles of health.”

Sure, health and beauty can seem very interconnected as themes to depict as art but it requires thorough brainstorming and ideation. Srishti further adds, “I’m excited to see how they explore the themes and come up with something mind-blowing. I’m not expecting simple stuff… you know? Something moving or heart-touching. I want something that makes me go – “OMG THAT represents Amrutam!!” but not directly. I’m rooting for indirect, subtle art.”

Brainkey Gold Malt melting into yummy brownies by Shivesh Bhatia. Mental Health Awareness #AmrutamSelfLove

For Saket Saurabh, photographer and the jury for the photography contest, the contest is all about standing distinct among others. “A balance between styling, composition, photography, and editing is what I’m looking for. The real challenge would be to put new ideas into frames with limited resources – making the best out of the things that they have!” he quips.

Gopi Vadsak, photographer and a self-proclaimed geek, believes that such competitions are required to provide underrated creators a platform to put their creations out for a larger audience. “The recognition really helps and boosts their confidence a lot!” she adds. Gopi is looking forward to seeing who makes it in minimal style as she does. A big fan of muted colors, she’s really excited to see a myriad of ideas come to life!

While photography is a popular choice amongst the masses, videography is another half of the contest that aims to provide a platform for filmmakers and video content creators.

Amrutam Dentkey Manjan, shot by Maneet Sikka

Ankita Kumar, filmmaker, and travel content creator, strongly feels that health and beauty are essentially two sides of the same coin. “During the lockdown itself, I have seen the changes in my body. My relationship with my body has changed so much over the years, and it’s never been about what people have to say about my body but how I feel in it. Now more than ever, I feel super comfortable in my skin.”

When asked what is she most excited to see in the contest, she goes on, “Just real stuff, man… just real, honest accounts of people and their relationship with their bodies. I’m really happy to see the conversation about body positivity online but I still feel like more women talk about it than men and non-binary folks. So, I’m really hoping for that conversation to ignite and see where it goes!”

Why you should participate in the Health is Beauty Contest

If you have made it this far, you must already feel a pang of excitement! You could be an artist, creator, thinker, or even a consumer of art – as long as you have ideas and a will to bring them to life – this contest is for you. Now, the question isn’t why you should participate but HOW. The registration for the competition is absolutely FREE and you can become a participant by following the simple procedure on this link. Remember, the idea is to promote and encourage original art so please only submit original work! We have a strict no-copyright infringement policy.

Sitting Bull Productions contributed their entry for #AmrutamFamilyProject

The winners of the contest will get a chance to be featured on Amrutam and SheThePeopleTV and also prizes worth INR 40,000! AND an opportunity to work with Amrutam!

Let us tell you that the journey of letting your art take the shape you had envisioned for it is only as incredible as you allow it to be. Take this chance and explore and challenge your notions of what health and beauty mean to you! We cannot wait to see and experience your art! Participate in the contest and grab your chance NOW!


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