Thank You Note for COVID19 Fighters

Today is the twelfth day of the lockout in India, the twelfth day of our fight against COVID19.

Our Prime Minister has requested us to light diyas in our balconies today at 9 PM – to stand together in solidarity.

According to ancient texts, lighting a diya – an oil lamp is a stimulus to creating a positive environment. Fire is a source of light and life, hence, lighting up lamps creates a certain aura and disburses positive energy around us.

While a lot of  us are sitting back at home, there are members of our community outside – fighting the coronavirus – covid19. The health care workers, physicians, cleaners, helpers, nurses, the whole of the police force, army men, firefighters and all individuals who are doing their duties, their karma – to keep a lot of us safe and healthy at our homes – let’s take a moment to thank them. A moment of sincere gratitude.

We are truly grateful to each one of them.

21 Day Art Based Programme

Our team has designed a twenty-day long programme to help our community members, self-reflect and indulge in simple activities to keep up the positivity. In one of the activity, #AmrutamFamily members drew a gratitude tree wherein they reflected about everything they are thankful about in their lives.

You can learn more about the programme  by following us on IG – @amrutamofficial

Support the Cause

As a ritual, we donate 1% of our monthly revenue to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Trust and we’ll be continuing to do so. The Trust is currently engaging in donating food packets to homeless and migrant workers in Southern India and as of today, they are providing 50,000 food packets daily to the needy. Also, the BIRRD which is run by the trust will be converted to a COVID19 Quarantine Centre. TTD is also engaged in new ventilators to SVIMS Super Specialty hospital, which is currently a treatment centre for COVID-19 patients.

You can help us support this cause by placing a prepaid order on our e-store: today. Prepaid orders will help us maintain the necessary resources to keep our community running. 

We’ll be sending a travel pack of Ashtagandha Body Lotion worth INR 175 on all prepaid orders as a gesture of appreciation for your support in such times.



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