Top Five Amrutam Bestsellers of 2022

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2022 went by in the blink of an eye! Or was it just us? No? Anybody? Well, alright then. It was a year full of laughter and learning, with steep growth curves and some major changes. While we didn't launch a lot of new products, we kept receiving a tonne of love from you on all our 100+ lovingly crafted Amrutam Recipes! 

And so, we decided to dedicate this blog to the five most-loved recipes of 2022 for you. So, the next time you're looking to try something new (if you haven't already!) or wish to recommend a herbal magic potion to a friend, this blog will be your guide. :) 

1. Amrutam Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa 

Infused with herbs prescribed in the ancient texts and Vedas, Amrutam Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself effectively treats damaged, dry and frizzy hair. Over 50,000 families have experienced the magic of this authentic formula. And here's what our community has to say:

Kuntal Care Hair Spa Review | Amrutam



Kuntal Care Hair Spa Review | Amrutam
Kuntal Care Hair Spa Review | Amrutam

Fun fact: Sh. Ashok Gupta, Amrutam's Founding Principal first made this recipe in a kadhai at his home kitchen to treat his daughter Stuti's excess hair fall! 

2. Amrutam Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo 

Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo comprises Reetha, Shikakai and Bhringraj as its star ingredients. It makes hair voluminous, reduces dandruff and hair loss and makes your hair shinier and frizz-free! Here's what our community has to say:

Kuntal Herbal Shampoo Review | Amrutam
Kuntal Herbal Shampoo Review | Amrutam
Kuntal Herbal Shampoo Review | Amrutam

Fun fact: Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo and all Amrutam Hair Care Products are 100% safe for artificially colored hair! 

3. Bhringraj Hair Therapy 

A 2-in-1 Conditioner and Shampoo, Amrutam Bhringraj Hair Therapy deeply nourishes hair, adds volume and shine, soothes itchy scalp and stimulate hair regrowth. Here's what our community has to say:

Bhringraj Hair Therapy | Amrutam ReviewsBhringraj Hair Therapy | Amrutam Reviews

Bhringraj Hair Therapy | Amrutam Reviews

Fun fact: After repeated requests from our customers who were beyond satisfied with Bhringraj Hair Therapy, we finally launched our Bhringraj Hair Oil to complement your journey to achieving optimal hair and scalp health!

4. Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt 

Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt is a one-stop-solution to all gynaecological and women's health related concerns like PCOD, PCOS, irregular periods, painful cramps, low libido, infertility, hormonal issues and more. It has changed the lives of more than 7000 women. Here's what our community has to say. 

Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt Review
Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt Review
Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt Review

Fun fact: You can consume Nari Sondarya Malt by mixing in 200ml warm water or milk, as a spread on a bread of your choice or by itself! 

5. Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil 

Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil is a 5000-year-old authentic Ayurvedic formulation inspired by ancient texts. It is made with Kesar as a prime ingredient. When applied at night in circular motions, it gives a radiating glow and slows the process of ageing. Here's what our community has to say:

Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil Review

Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil Review
Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil Review

Fun fact: Along with Saffron, Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil is made with 24+ other potent herbs and ingredients. 

Bonus: Onion oil 

Onion is the star of the recipe, known for its hair-growing properties due to its natural sulfur. Amrutam Onion Oil is a medicinal blend crafted with other potent herbs grown at Amrutam Vatika.

Amrutam Onion Oil Review
Amrutam Onion Oil Review

Fun fact: Other than the Onions, other herbs in the recipe like Kadhi Patta, Gudahal, Shikakai and Amla are grown in Amrutam Vatika. 


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Amrutam Face Clean Up Reviews

Currently on my second bottle and happy with how this product has kept acne & breakouts in check. It doesn't leave the skin too dry and also doubles as a face mask.

Juhi Bhatt

Amrutam face clean up works great on any skin type, it has helped me keep my skin inflammation in check, helps with acne and clear the open pores. Continuous usage has helped lighten the pigmentation and scars as well. I have recommended the face clean up to many people and they have all loved it!!

Sakshi Dobhal

This really changed the game of how to maintain skin soft supple and glowing! I’m using it since few weeks and see hell lot of difference in the skin I had before and now. I don’t need any makeup or foundation to cover my skin imperfections since now they are slowly fading away after I started using this! I would say this product doesn’t need any kind of review because it’s above par than expected. It’s a blind buy honestly . I’m looking forward to buy more products and repeat this regularly henceforth.

Shruthu Nayak

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