Why is it important for India to choose only 5 pm on 22 March 2020 in the evening?

The fourth section of the Skandha Purana says that by playing the bell-bells, ghanta (temple bells), Tabla, Tanpura, Claps, Thaali, Damru, the terrors of the universe are removed.

Why should we clap or ring the bells at at 5 pm on 22 March

Clapping begins to vibrate positive energy throughout the body. The sleeping channels wake up and start circulating blood in the body.

Why is it important for India to choose only 5 pm on 22 March 2020 in the evening?

On March 22, 2020, between 4-30 to 6 pm on Sunday, it would be Rahu Kaal –
Many people know how Rahu
was tricked at the time of Samundra Manthan (the ocean churning) – for Amrut (elixir of life). But somehow Rahudev managed to drink the potion (Amrutpaan).

Rahu was a supreme devotee of Lord Shiva, the demon Rahu, the serpent form, also contributed to the ocean churning.

Rahu’s strong position in the Vedic Astrology means a being with technical knowledge and also has mastery of many languages.

Seeing Rahu’s renunciation and merit, Mahadev placed him in the form of a serpent in his neck, and offered him 90 minutes every day at different times as Rahu Kaal.

Like Rahukaal on Sunday occurs between 4.30 to 6 PM. Clap, bell, ringing will have miraculous benefits at 5 pm on Sunday.

Rahu is considered as the lord of Pataal. Sitting in Pataal (abyss), he keeps the nature, the earth and the sun moving. He is fond of vibrations, as it sits as a form of Cobra.

Nag Been’s melody sounds so lovely that Rahu gets engrossed in the tune or falls under the snake charm. Rahu is hypnotised. Rahu is lover of Damru, clinking of bells and clapping sound. It is also a science. According to ayurvedic texts, clapping 10 minutes in keeping young & healthy.

By installing relation to science, God and astrology, we can easily solve many unsolved mysteries of the world. At 5 pm on March 22, the Moon will be transmitting the fourth phase of the Shatabhisha constellation.

You all know that Rahu has fierce hatred or enmity with both Sun-Moon due to the Sun Moon being devoured during the time of churning of the sea and so it eclipses them.

The causative planet of the corona virus is considered to be Rahu. Currently it is in Adra Nakshatra of Gemini. Gemini is the air element. Rahu itself is an air element,  henceforth, the air infection, which is spreading at a rapid pace.


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