Dealing with the effects of Monsoon: Last Week at Amrutam 08.08.2022

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Here’s a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week.

What's new at Amrutam?

Feeling lethargic? Unable to get out of bed even after getting enough sleep? In this case, you're not the only one feeling this way; many others are too, and the reason is simple: the weather.

How does the weather affect you? Well, during the season of Monsoon, our Vata Dosha is imbalanced, which is responsible for bodily senses, creative thinking, reasoning, and movement of thought. Our Vata Dosha manifests in a number of ways when it is out of balance, causing these symptoms.

And to help you with it, we have a bunch of recipes that you can add to your day to balance out your dosha this monsoon - Six Delicious Recipes to Balance your Doshas


  • You know those days when getting out of bed itself feels like a task, and you just want to snuggle in your blankets forever? When you feel absolutely no motivation to get anything done? Well, this episode “I can't get out of bed” of the Rediscovering Self with Amrutam podcast tackles everything you feel on those days with our host Preethi Parthasarathy and Aafreen Ansari, Co-founder of We, Included and MyChild App.
  • To celebrate the beautiful relationship between a brother and sister, we had a special 50% Cashback Rakhi Sale this 5th August 2022.

Product of the Week

Amrutam’s Triphala Churna is the best Ayurvedic churna to enhance metabolism and digestive functions and purify the blood. It helps prevent constipation, shed excess fat, stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, and results in healthy skin.

What we are reading:

9 Surprising Benefits of Honey

You might already know about the benefits of honey in weight loss. I’m sure we have tried the honey and lemon in warm water in the morning trick to lose weight. You might have your doubts, but researchers have actually been able to prove that honey can reduce weight gain. But did you know that honey has other amazing health benefits? But before we get into those, have you ever wondered what more.

5 Reasons you must exfoliate your skin during monsoon

There are already so many steps in our current skincare regimen that you must wonder whether we need to exfoliate now, too. Well, the answer is yes, you do. As per Ayurveda, cleansing your skin not only removes the dirt from the upper layer of your skin but exfoliating can do so much more. Here’s a list of 5 simple more.

Quote of the week:

“Every act of kindness to your part is a boost to your immune system”

Marianne Williamson

That's it from our side, till then, toodles!


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