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Priyanka is an Ayurveda and Panchakarma Consultant from Pune, Maharashtra, India. She has a degree in Ayurveda from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik, India and has been in practice since three years.

Apart from being a professional Ayurvaidya, Priyanka is also an avid reader, nutrition enthusiast, and have a keen interest in prevention and treatment of lifestyle disorders. She specializes in Panchakarma, Garbhasanskar, and Pediatrics using principles of Ayurveda.


Let's learn about Ayurveda from Priyanka's ideas about Ayurveda as a lifestyle.


Hitahitam Sukham Duhkhamayustasya Hitahitam |
Mananca Tacca Yatroktamayurvedah Sa Ucyate ||

"According to this Shloka from Charaka Samhita, Ayurveda is nothing but a detailed description of what is good and bad for our body, what makes us happy or unhappy in life, with respect to being healthy or diseased.
In short, ‘Ayu’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge/science in Sanskrit, hence is rightly the science of life which not only deals with our physical and mental being but also helps us to maintain a healthy and disease-free life."

Priyanka believes that Ayurveda is a guide to a balanced and natural lifestyle making us aware of choices we should and should not make to live a healthy lifestyle.


Priyanka's journey with Ayurveda began at a very early age when she observed the use and benefits of various herbs at her father business, with those little observations and insightful experiences she has grown up to become a Ayurvedacharya (Ayurveda Doctor) herself.

"My father is into the business of distribution and sales of Ayurveda medicines since last 30 years. Growing up, I was familiar with the names of many herbs and their uses, right from our garden to the kitchen. I was amazed to see a little powder of Haldi could be used for scratches and bruises. Such simple remedies created an interest to take up Ayurveda and become an Ayurvedacharya"


Priyanka's healthy habits involve eating right kind of meals at right time and something as simple as walking to keep herself healthy. Let's read Priyanka's favorite healthy habits in her own words.

"I always make sure that I never skip meals. I have my breakfast like a Queen, almost within an hour and a half of waking up, a moderate lunch and an early and light dinner.

I try to have at least one seasonal fruit in a day. I love making different kinds of salads, so I have them at least once a day. I make it a point of taking the stairs and ditch my bike and walk whenever possible."


Priyanka has a really fun health routine which you should definitely follow as well.

"Dinacharya is daily health routine in Ayurveda. I try my best to follow a few principles of Ayurveda, and add a modern day twist to it. I start my morning with a glass of warm water, sometimes with lemon and honey or Apple Cider Vinegar or a pinch of black pepper and turmeric. This helps regulate metabolism.

As mentioned in Ayurveda, one should not overdo things. I don’t measure my water intake or calorie intake. I prefer eating in moderation, and according to my prakruti, so I go for balanced meals. I also have fresh buttermilk regularly to aid digestion instead of taking any probiotics. I change my diet and exercise according to seasons, which is Dinacharya in Rutucharya (Daily routine according to seasons) For e.g., I avoid doing a lot of exercise in summers, so I opt for walks. I recommend Panchakarma treatments seasonally for Detoxification and Rejuvenation of the body."


"Ayurveda in today’s world is definitely getting a new identity. People are becoming more aware about the benefits staying healthy and fit through natural ways of living such as Ayurveda. The Internet is a wonderful medium through which our ancient scriptures are being circulated worldwide.

So, by blogging, sharing information and discussions, Ayurveda is here to stay! I try my best to make Ayurveda easy to understand through my blog."
You should definitely go and read Priyanka's blog.


Priyanka believes that Ayurveda as a lifestyle has always been an innate part of us and how we have been living since ancient days through simplest of home remedies which our grandmother's have suggested and use of natural ayurvedic herbs in our day to day lifestyle. Here is Priyanka's message for all of you.

"Ayurveda has been a part of our lives since ancient times. I can happily say that today, everyone has realized that our grandma’s pouch of remedies was not just an ordinary one! We all have used, recommended and followed Ayurveda knowingly and unknowingly without understanding its greatness. So I would suggest everyone who wishes to live a healthy and disease-free life, must educate themselves about different ways of prevention of diseases, exercise regularly, and eat everything in moderation."


Rediscovering Ayurveda is Amrutam’s series of blogs which includes various men and women and their ideas about Ayurveda. Even though, India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, with passing time it has lost its original importance as a school of life among Indians and many a time have been limited to be referred as a school of medicine. Ayurveda is surely much more than that.

So, we at Amrutam decided to go out and find what Ayurveda means to people in the present day.
This is the Thirteenth article in Amrutam’s series of articles called Rediscovering Ayurveda, which aims to understand the idea or perception that modern-day men and women carry about Ayurveda.

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