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Naina Bajaria is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pharmacist and a Yogi. She is also a wonderful blogger and vlogger.
You can check out her latest vlog about Summer for Pitta Dosha here: 

Inspired by her work in Ayurveda and her passion for blogging, we at Amrutam decided to interview her and know her story and how she started practising Ayurveda as a way of living.

Let's read her story in her own words. #rediscoveringayurveda

How did you start your journey as Ayurveda Practitioner? (Tell us your story)

My journey with Ayurveda started early in 2016 when I watched a video online explaining the characteristics of people in each dosha. I had been working in pharmacy for the past five or six years and had just completed a second Masters in Ethnobotany.

I knew that there was something missing from the allopathic healthcare system and I was on a journey of figuring out how to fill it. I watched this video and I was fascinated with how well it explained some people closest to me, and helped me to understand them more. I did some research on Ayurveda and I found that it matched exactly what I had been feeling about health over the last five years.

The emotional and spiritual component of a person's wellbeing was not being acknowledged and this is the missing piece. I found in my role as a pharmacist that there was a lack of empowerment in the patient, lack of knowledge and a strong blame culture around particular diseases. It seemed that we were simply not being helped by only taking a chemical medicine for our problems. And so, when I read about ayurveda I fell in love and knew right away that it was something that can fill a gap for people in the West.

I found a diploma course in England and began studying to become a consultant. I did not give it enough credit during this time, as when I began learning more, it was like entering into another dimension of being. Since I started my diploma I have been able to not only balance myself, but help others in consultations, from a holistic perspective, it has become what I live for!

What inspired you to take the path of Ayurveda and Healthy Lifestyle?

During my teenage years I had experienced a lot of health problems. I suffered with acne, eczema, emotional outbursts, insecurities and IBS. Later on I experienced a serious back problem whilst I was working as a pharmacist. I went to the doctors and all they could do is give pain killers.

I felt that I was not listened to and the doctor themselves didn't know what to do! Yet the problem was leaving me unable to walk or work. I was lying in bed one day in pain and I soon decided that I had enough of feeling this way and started taking back the power of my health and started watching and reading everything I can about holistic health and the link between the mind and body.

Photograph by @mlecortexphotography

It was a daily yoga practice that got me back to health again and this is where I understood that there was an emotional link to your health, and the way that I was in my mind had an effect on my physical body. I changed my diet completely and found that I had no digestion issues.

I also shifted a lot of personal circumstances into more positive lights and this made a big difference to my emotional and mental health.

After learning about ayurveda in a way I rediscovered my roots and culture as I noticed that so many of the traditions that my family follow are in accordance with ayurvedic principles. So in a way, it has also been my culture and heritage as an indian woman that has inspired me on this path, and I love connecting with that, especially when I live in a Western society. It makes me feel very proud and grateful to be born of such a knowledgeable and special country and culture (India!)

What keeps you motivated to do what you do?

I know that Ayurveda & Yoga have the potential to make a big difference to peoples lives in terms of health and wellbeing. Ultimately nobody wants to see another suffering, and I feel that the knowledge of yoga & Ayurveda have been sent to us as a gift.

 Photograph by @mlecortexphotography

A gift that I now have a responsibility to share. As much as I would complain about my job as a pharmacist, this knowledge in the allopathic system is also a blessing to me. I feel that it is a mission for me in this lifetime, to help people feel stronger, healthier, happier and move into an expanded state of consciousness as a community based on love and compassion. Really, it is my responsibility and mission of serving something that is operating higher than myself through Ayurveda and yoga.

Tell us what a typical day in the life of an Ayurvedic Practitioner looks like?

Mornings start with sadhana of course! And following the dinacharya, ayurvedic daily routine. My spiritual practice in the morning is something that I live for and I always start my day with yoga asanas, pranayama & meditation.

Depending on if I have clients booked in, the day can vary. Sometimes I am writing articles, sometimes I am shooting videos. Lately I have been working on my ayurvedic retreat that I am hosting in Italy this year and this has kept me quite busy!

Studying and learning is something that is always part of my day, and this can be through watching video lectures, reading books from Vasant Lad and also seeing clients.

Sometimes I take time to make medicines, I grow lots of plants so I am always taking care of them and using them in medicines and oils. I am always experimenting with spices and ingredients for natural beauty recipes and if I found one that is really good I normally do a write up on it and share it with the online ayurveda community.

If I have consultations I take my time with these and I love connecting with them and helping them on their journey. I ensure that I get their medicine sent to them and also provide them with anything else they need. Normally it is some recipes for food or some good talks to watch online!

Photograph by @mlecortexphotography

In the evening I also follow a routine. I always try to read or listen to some words of a spiritual master. I love reading the words of Paramahansa Yogananda and listening to talks of Sadhguru. It keeps me on track and remembering what my priorities are in this lifetime. I always eat with my loved ones, and practice meditation before sleeping.

What are your three favorite healthy habits you practice regularly, taken from the philosophy of Ayurveda?

    1.  Abhyanga is one of my favourites as it makes me feel so alive yet relaxed.
    2.  I love rising with the sun and settling to bed in the evening as it becomes dark. I always try to wake between 4am and 6am and love going to sleep by 10pm!
    3.  I love having my own self-checking mechanisms to understand what my body is telling me. For example I am watchful of my digestion, as it can tell me lot about my health. My body temperature, the presence of ama on the tongue and my skin condition. These small indicators allow me to take control of my health and ensure that I treat it correctly.

How do you think Ayurveda and Yoga relate to one another? How do you think awareness regarding both Ayurveda and Yoga can be increased?

Yoga and Ayurveda relate to one another through the acknowledgement that we are more than what society has made us believe to be. Through yoga we are able to experience another dimension of life, and by keeping our bodies healthy through ayurvedic living, we can ensure that we participate and be in life as our true authentic selves, viewing life as it truly is.

Photograph by @mlecortexphotograph

On a technical level, the assistance of yoga asanas with an ayurvedic lifestyle is amazing, because there is a fundamental understanding of the five vayus and balancing them is common to both sciences. I find that yoga asanas can help in ridding the body of toxins, so it compliments its natural way of being. Ayurveda also assists this with correct food and daily living. Both sciences acknowledge the subtle body and work a lot on energy channels - things we cannot see with the naked eye. Personally  feel that they suit really well together, however with yoga the ultimate goal is to go beyond the physical body, whereas ayurveda allows you to take proper care of the body whilst you are inhabiting it. It allows you to fulfil your dharma to the best of your ability which ultimately leads to your expansion as a soul on this earth. So really, they are both working for the same goal :)

I think awareness can be increased through being the living inspiration ourselves. By simply changing yourself, you can inspire and bring about awareness to these sciences to everyone with whom you come into contact with. I think social media is an excellent tool as well but ultimately the magnetism from these sciences is rooted in truth and by being the truth yourself, you can spread this more powerfully than imaginably possible.

What is your message for all Ayurveda, Spiritual, Yoga and Healthy living enthusiasts?

Keep following the truth! Whatever that is for you, trust that it is all for your betterment and growth. Do not worry about doing the right or wrong thing, because there is no such thing, it is all simply growth and expansion. Try to have a balance of taking in knowledge from the outside but also in trusting that the knowledge is all within you already. A good teacher will simply reveal this within yourself, and not dictate what you should and shouldn't do. Let the power of these sciences flow through you and surrender to where it will take you. Take the journey inwards and trust that the outer circumstances will take care of themselves.

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I really like the look of the Herbal Ubtan - DIY skin treatment. I love a good ubtan because they are so versatile so I can adjust the use to my skins needs :)



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