Rediscovering Ayurveda X Ellen De la Torre

In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Ellen De la Torre.

A walk through her journey

For Ellen, the journey toward Ayurveda started with her career in the field of health, working as a health educator centered around chronic disease prevention and as a Spanish medical interpreter. She realized that despite being part of many medical consultations and her teachings, the patients weren’t well and barely maintaining a disease. As a result, Ellen was inspired to look for something different from what she had already learned so that she could help people attain health. She became a Health Coach and a Nutritionist and discovered Ayurveda.

Achievements & Motivation

When asked what keeps her motivated and her achievements, she mentions that her goal to help people become healthy and feel their best keeps her going. As for her achievements, she believes her four children and three grandchildren are one of her most significant accomplishments. Additionally, she is also proud of living a bicultural and bilingual life, as her husband hails from Mexico.

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Daily Routine & Habits 

Ellen works full-time for a clinic and hospital system. Due to this, a significant part of her day goes into helping individuals with required resources, whether a lack of finances or transportation, providing them with access to healthy food, and many more things that keep her on her toes. When she finishes her daily work, you will find her quietly in a corner trying to gain more knowledge and keep herself updated, which she calls her Study Time!

When it comes to Ayurvedic practices, she considers herself a beginner who is still integrating simple habits such as going to bed early and practicing Abhyanga. While laughing, she also mentions that she is trying to eliminate the urge to eat ice cream to cool off, as the Minnesotan Summers can be a bit harsh.

Even though Ellen discovered the Art of Ayurveda later in life, that didn't stop her; she mentions, "I am also 65 years old, so I have a lifetime of bad habits to work on!"

Rediscovering Ayurveda & more…

Even though Yoga is quite prominent, Ayurveda is still catching up in the US. Ellen mentions that the use of Turmeric and Ashwagandha is popularizing. Still, no one understands the medicinal properties of the herbs and spices, which makes them over-use for them to see quick results.

"I love that Ayurveda looks at the person as a whole individual and doesn't separate the mind from the body."

After looking at US medical care, which can be expensive and might not always be correct. Which might not produce "well" people, often making her wonder what happens to these people's lives.
Ultimately, she remarks that Ayurveda might be the answer to a holistic and healthy life.

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Message for Amrutam Community

When asked if she would like to give a message to the #AmrutamFamily, she humbly said that she is still learning and would like to explore more and instead learn from the community itself. This is an excellent message for us to keep learning no matter what stage in life we might be at. In the end, age is just a number :)

She also mentions that she would like to try Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack as she has recently been interested in skincare and worries about the effects of the sun causing dark spots and wrinkles. Well, we must say it's a good choice! Amrutam's Personal Care Travel Pack has it all, giving your skin and hair an overall benefit.

We are happy to feature Ellen De la Torre in our Rediscovering Ayurveda series and honored to have her as a member of our #AmrutamFamily!


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