Rediscovering Self with Amrutam

Rediscovering Self with Amrutam is a podcast that focuses on Mental Health & Wellness. Season 1 of this podcast will essentially address the daily ramblings of the mind, seeking answers to questions that have – at some point or another – turned up in our thoughts.

Season 1 | Mental Health
Tune in for a fresh episode every Friday at 8 PM. Listen on:

Episode 1

I'm not sure if therapy is the right path for me | Stuti Ashok Gupta

"Finding a therapist is exactly like dating. There is no one-size-fits-all. There are so many schools of thought and no one style of working your way in therapy. You can begin by booking an appointment and experiencing how that one session makes you feel. Of course, it's going to be a long journey but if you have conviction, you might want to come around."

Episode 2

I Procrastinate a lot | Rhea Gandhi

How often have we casually thrown this statement around? "I have a ton of work and it's all piled up because I procrastinate so much". Here's the thing - this 'behaviour' is coming from somewhere, and if you've ever wondered WHY you procrastinate at all and how you can try changing it, this episode is for you.

Episode 3

"I'm scared of confrontation." | Ishani Badyal

Sometimes, the thought of broaching a subject can make us feel terrified, uncertain, unsure, and closed off. Sometimes, we may even feel inertia when it comes to taking feedback. All of this involves confrontation, which does not need to be as negative as one might think it is.

Episode 4

"I don't like how I look" | Rhea Mathews

Have you ever felt 100% happy with your body? Or have there been moments when you've looked in the mirror and thought, "I wish my stomach was flatter", or simply wished there were things that were different?

Episode 5

"I can't get out of bed" | Aafreen Ansari

You know those days when getting out of bed itself feels like a task and you just want to snuggle in your blankets forever? When you feel absolutely no motivation to get anything done? Where inertia appears to be the rule and your will power has no power at all?

This episode tackles everything you feel on those days and goes on to explore why rest is important, what hustling is all about, and how you can work through feeling this way.

Episode 6

"I live in constant dread that something bad is going to happen." | Aanchal Harjai

Have you ever caught yourself thinking of the worst possible outcomes? Or stopped yourself from having a good time because you feel it is temporary and something bad is going to happen very soon? This episode drills down to the root of it all.

Episode 7

"I stress a lot about pending work." | Prateek Sharma

That itch to get things done, and still not feeling satisfied. The hustle culture. The stress that comes with deadlines. The need to do, and keep doing.

Episode 8

"I lose my temper a lot and hate when things don't go my way." | Tanvi Kankan

How often have we said "I have a very short temper", or "She has major anger issues." Have we pondered on where this behaviour comes from? In this episode, host Preethi talks to Tanvi Kankan, a mental health counsellor, about the types of anger, its triggers, and what we need to be cognisant of. Tune in. This one unfurls a lot of new information

Episode 9

"I’m addicted to social media!" | Akashdeep Ghoshal

How often have we caught ourselves scrolling endlessly on Instagram? Or binge-watching videos on YouTube? Or going down a rabbit hole of information? This type of behaviour subconsciously plays on our mental health and sometimes, we end up feeling worse than before after a scrolling session.

Episode 10

"I find it difficult to ask for help!" | Anushka Kelkar & Aviva Bhansali

A lot of us find it difficult to ask for help. We can't proactively approach someone to help us out, be it therapy, or even just talking to a loved one.



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