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Amrutam Raga Project

A docu-series featuring seven local musical artists from Gwalior Gharana shedding light on their art, journeys, challenges, and what keeps them going on this never-ending path of being a lifelong student of music.

About Gwalior Gharana

Music has always been viewed as a tool of therapy and creation, especially Indian Classical Music that requires lifelong training and practice. Gwalior– a town known for its rich musical history – first received recognition when Tansen, who belonged to Gwalior thrived in King Akbar’s court as one of his nine jewels. Over the many centuries that have passed, Gwalior has continued to produce and put together not only the country’s but also some of the world’s most renowned musicians.

Origin of Amrutam Raga Project

With the increasing access and influence of the West, the younger generation has lost touch with Indian Classical Music. We are moving away from our culture and have forgotten to appreciate the diversity that our country has to offer. And with Amrutam rooted in Gwalior, we thought there was something we could do about reigniting the spark and reintroducing the magic of traditional music!

Watch the Docu-series here

Meet the Artists

With the Amrutam Raga Project, Team Amrutam aims to support and promote the local talent and bring into the spotlight the cultural richness of Gwalior as a musical town. We hope you will enjoy watching the beautiful journey of these artists and find a way of appreciating their art in whatever way possible.

Ankur Dharkar, Violinist

A left-handed violinist with an illustrious career and many scholarships to his name, Ankur Dharkar was born into a family of prolific musicians. He began training at a very young age under his grandfather Sh. C.N. Dharkar, followed by his father, Dr Govind Dharkar – both of whom are well-acclaimed artists.

Listen to Raag Natbhairav by Ankur Dharkar

Yash Sanjay Devle, Vocalist

An emerging face in the Indian Classical Music scene, Yash Sanjay Devle comes from a long line of celebrated musicians. Following his passion for music, Yash is presently training under the globally acclaimed late Pt. Jeetendra Abhishek Ji’s disciple, Pt. Sudhakar Devle. His indomitable spirit and breath-taking talent have been recognized by several institutions.

Listen to Yaman Kalyan by Yash Sanjay Devle

Abhinishtha Mishra, Vocalist

Abhinishtha Mishra is an up-and-coming vocalist whose musical brilliance has taken the country by storm. At just 16 years of age, she is the youngest artist to ever perform in the Tansen Sangeet Samaroh. Abhinishtha’s prodigious victories at an impressionable age have led her to be recognized as one of the most promising faces of Gwalior Gharana.

Listen to Raag Tilak Kamod by Abhinishtha Mishra

Sh. Shrikant Kulkarni, Flutist

Born and brought up in a family where music was the only way of life, Sh. Kulkarni Ji takes after the captivating legacy of his father, whose love and admiration for music is well-known. Over the years, his mastery of the flute has enchanted thousands. He can be described as the epitome of perseverance, which has led him to be recognized as one of the most respected and prominent flute players from Gwalior Gharana.

Listen to Raag Bihag by Sh. Shrikant Kulkarni

Sh. Shriram Umdekar, Sitar Player

It is said that the first-ever music university of India was established in Gwalior, and this is where the Sangeet Samrat Tansen and other founding trailblazers were educated in music. Coming from this legacy of odds is our fifth artist, Sh. Shriram Umdekar, a sitar player whose inimitable charm is well known across the country. With his indistinguishable sitar playing, he has enthralled crowds and performed at multiple events and shows across the country.

Listen to Raag Todi by Sh. Shriram Umdekar

Sh. Umesh Kampoowale, Vocalist

The story of how our next artist came to be a vocalist is quite a fascinating one. During his training, his ability as a vocalist was questioned and Sh. Umesh Ji took it as a personal challenge to learn singing. Inspired by legends like Ustad Amir Khan and Pt. Jasraj, Sh. Umesh Ji spent hours with his ears pinned to the radio listening to their melodious vocals and is now a respected artist at Aakashvani Durdarshan.

Listen to Raag Bhairav by Sh. Umesh Kampoowale

Sh. Jagatnarayan Sharma, Pakhawaj and Mridangam Player

“To gain complete knowledge of music, one must be born over and over and over again,” says mridangam player Sh. Jagatnarayan Sharma. He has gone on to perform in many events and shows across the country. Sh. Jagatnarayan JI has also trained numerous students in pakhavaj and mridangam and hopes to continue creating a legacy of music for future generations to follow.

Listen to Chautal by Sh. Jagatnarayan Sharma