We go beyond the products, Amrutam is all about building community

At Amrutam, we have always believed in the power of community and recently when we started working on the Amrutam App – we received a wonderful response from all Amrutam community members.

Here is what we did, we created a beta program for the Amrutam App and shared the Amrutam beta app with the members who registered for the program and we were so thrilled with the responses we received. Each member shared such great insights with respect to the App experience and features and thereby, we realized that we can build better with our #AmrutamFamily.

Hence, we are creating this space where we will keep working together on the building, improving our website’s (www.amrutam.co.in) experience.

Every time you share your review/report a bug/to suggest an awesome feature – we will add up to INR 500 wallet points to your Amrutam Wallet points which you can redeem on your upcoming orders.

To start building with Amrutam, all you have to do is click on the button below and share your experience with us.

Note: This project right now is related to our website, please share your remarks based on your experience at www.amrutam.co.in

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