Say Hi! to the team that keeps the Amrutam ship sailing

The OG Gang of Amrutam

Meet the Guptas who established the Amrutam you see today

Ashok Gupta

Founding Principal

Hailing from a family of Halwais, Mr. Ashok Gupta always dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Having this dream and the goal of "serving society and alleviating suffering of those who are in need" he established Amrutam.

Chandrakanta Gupta

Founding Principal

There is no doubt that Mrs. Chandrakanta Gupta is the glue that holds the organization together, whether she is checking on supplies or the team as a whole.

She describes Amrutam as a Banyan tree, and with a similar analogy we see her as the root of our institution, who inspires us every day to strive towards betterment.

The Trifecta of Amrutam

The face and brains behind Team Amrutam, you might have heard about them or seen them on various videos. They are always ready to put their best foot forward and bring the the best for the Amrutam Community

Agnim Gupta

Principcal: Tech & Growth

Agnim is a trained hindustani classical violinist and an Architect by profession. He is a self-learnt programmer and takes care of Tech & Growth at Amrutam.

He is also a 2nd time entrepreneur who previously ran a tech startup "sqrfactor" - a platform for architects which bridged the gap between architects/ designers & businesses via architectural contest.

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Stuti Ashok Gupta

Principal: Brand & Vision

Along with building a global online community through Amrutam, she is also a part-time mental health professional with a Master's degree in Clinical psychology, practising independently.

Stuti co-founded The Lost Tribe Hostels in 2016 and also published a book - Sublimation, a collection of poems in 2015. Stuti has been working full time at Amrutam since 2017.

She recently finished the Goldman Sachs 10k women program by NSRCEL in IIM Bangalore.

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Yash Batra

Principal: Economics & Communication

With a honours degree in Economics from Christ University, Bangalore - Yash has worked with Ernst & Young and began his journey with Amrutam in 2017. He is passionate about Mental Health, Literature & Technology.

At Amrutam, Yash has been actively contributing to building operations, finance, marketing & strategy processes.

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The Support System

When we say support we mean it, these three are the Finance, Customer and Tech Support of the Team as well as the community who keep our systems running smooth like butter

Akruti Mehta

Account & Finance Architect

Akruti Mehta is the Accounts and Finance Architect at Amrutam. An MBA grad with an inclination to study, she has previously worked with Standard Chartered. She enjoys reading and painting in her free time and currently lives in Mumbai.

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Pooja Baliga

Customer Happiness Architect

She is passionate about her job and building strong customer relationships, driving brand loyalty, and increasing customer engagement.

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The Ops Team

From checking supplies to making sure Amrutam products reach your doorstep on time they keep a check on everything.

Deepak Bilhatiya

Senior Logistics Associate

Deepak ensures that our operations on ground run smoothly. Customer satisfaction is his top priority. He makes sure they receive their products on time, and if they don't, he steps in to resolve the problem.

Rahul Kasera

Senior Logistics Associate

Rahul looks after Logistics and Customer Support at Amrutam. He is passionate about sports, fitness & learning new things.