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This combo brings together two of Amrutam's most-loved recipes: Kuntal Care Hair Spa and Amrutam Face Clean-Up! 

● Primary Benefits: Helpful in Managing Dry and Frizzy Hair, Nourishes Scalp and Hair, Promotes Growth of Soft and Shiny Hair, Gently Exfoliates the Skin, Reduces Suntan and Pigmentation
● Secondary Benefits: Relaxes the Scalp, Helps with Headaches, Gives the Skin a Youthful Glow
● Usage: Twice a week
● Primary Ingredients: Balcchad, Eucalyptus Oil, Kesar, Chandan, and Manjishtha
● Duration: Lifetime
● For Best Results, use it with: Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil and Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo

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