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For many people, social media is a respite from their monotonous lives. For some, it is where they create a life of their own. But for Akruti Mehta, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a blessing in disguise! 

Meet Akruti Mehta

On one fine February day in 2022, as she scrolled through Instagram, she came across @amrutamofficial. The brand had caught her eye almost instantly!

Akruti Mehta | Amrutam Contributors


“I remember feeling so enamoured by the product design and packaging, especially the aesthetic feed!” recalls Akruti when asked about her first encounter with Amrutam. 

After days of contemplating, she decided to purchase the products to try. When she was browsing through the website, she came across a job opening for the brand’s finance team. 

“It couldn’t have come at a better time as I’d been looking for a remote job!” 

Immediately, she started researching more deeply about the brand and soon applied for the said role. A month and several interviews later, she was finally onboarded as the Finance Architect. Akruti has been with Amrutam since March 2022. 

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With an MBA degree up her sleeve, Akruti is responsible for analysing and processing numerical data. Over time, she has also taken over the HR department and coordinates with the operations, production and customer support teams. Collaborating with marketplaces and external stakeholders is also critical to Akruti’s work at Amrutam. 

Juggling work and family 

A dedicated Gujarati-Jain raised with traditional customs, Akruti is fluent in four languages! Born and raised in Chennai, she lives in Mumbai with her husband and toddler, Anvay. 

Akruti Mehta | Amrutam Contributors


Her work starts as early as 6 AM, and there is no typical workday for Akruti. She tackles each day as it comes! 

“There are days when I have back-to-back calls with the team. And then days when I work independently! No two days look alike.” 

The month's start and end are particularly hectic for the finance department. So, after a long day, Akruti prefers winding down by binge-watching Netflix, drawing and reading (or trying to get back to it!). 

On most days, she prefers drawing over other things as it satiates her inner artist. “I always wanted to pursue only arts. But life came in the way, and I moved to finance after my MBA,” she explains. 

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Growing through the ordeals

What seemed like a dead-end resurfaced after Akruti delivered her son and started experiencing post-partum blues four years ago. She struggled to voice her feelings and suffered silently for a year. To calm her inner demons, she resorted to a drawing book and a pencil and has never looked back since. 

“In 2020, the whole world was spiralling. I felt like drawing was the only way out for me. Every day I would complete a picture. It healed me. Even today, when things are not working fine, it just calls to me, and I let the pen guide me. ” 

That was when Akruti began experimenting with different colours and mediums of art. Within no time, she enrolled in an online art class to nurture her reignited passion for learning. She has since painted coasters, dabbled in resin art, and recently learned Tanjore painting. 

Tanjore Painting by Akruti Mehta

Tanjore Painting by Akruti 

“There is a belief about Tanjore painting that once the painting is complete, the Gods come and reside in the painting,” explains Akruti, “When I heard about it, obviously I didn’t believe it. But as I began finishing my first painting under my guru, I could see it brighten. Almost as if a soul was living in it. It brought me to tears.” 

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Interests and influences

Her loved ones describe her as a strong, driven and independent woman. Akruti’s infectious enthusiasm instantly lights up the room; she is usually the first to talk and make others comfortable around her. 

“A turning point in my life that deeply impacted me was when I was pregnant with my son and had fallen sick badly. My health was so down that I just wasn’t recovering. Fortunately, thanks to my family, that cared for me, I could pull myself out of that difficult time. Whenever I’m going through a challenging phase, I remind myself that if I could make it through that period, I can move past it.”

She enjoys spending quality time with her family, sharing meals and involving them in her daily life. She also sees things as black and white; the grey area doesn’t exist for her! 

However, converse to her nature of going by the rule, Akruti has felt encouraged to share her ideas and explore things other than her field at Amrutam. What has helped her is understanding that a healthy environment can be a great catalyst in enabling you to adapt to transitions more smoothly. 

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“I’ve felt exceptionally supported at work. When I first joined, I requested the team be accommodating, and the timing be flexible, as my schedule revolves around my son’s. During his growing years, I wanted to devote maximum time to him. The team very kindly agreed and continues to keep their promise even today. It’s something that only your family would be okay with. I am so grateful for their patience!”

Way forward

In 2023, Akruti aims to focus on personal growth and well-being. She has been consistently working out and has experienced a significant difference in her mood and energy levels. 

She also enjoys travelling with her family and has a soft corner for Rajasthan and Goa. This year she hopes to visit Hampi. “I’d love to sit in front of those caves and sketch live!” she quips. 

On the lines of art, ceramics as a medium has fascinated Akruti for the longest time. In 2023, she is keen on learning sculpting and pottery!

Message for readers 

Akruti’s message for the readers is:

“Cultivating self-awareness is extremely important. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions. If you don’t give yourself time to analyse and accept your emotions, they will get the best of you. Don’t let them control you. Take each day and work on it instead of procrastinating. Life is short. Cherish it!”


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