Amrutam Chandan
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Amrutam Chandan

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Amrutam Chandan is an authentic Ayurvedic recipe filled with the richness of Sandalwood, Kesar and Rose Attar. This potent blend calms the nervous system and re-activates the minor chakras of our body. Amrutam Chandan can be used for rites and religious puja as well. 

Primary Benefits Balances Tridoshas, Calms the Nervous System, Reactivates the Minor Chakras, Provides a Cooling Effect, and Fights Inflammation on the Skin. It can also be Used For Rites and Religious Pujas. 
Secondary Benefits Deep Cleans and Purifies the Skin, Protects the Skin Against Sunburn and Suntan, and Helps Pacify Acne and Stubborn Scars
Usage As and when required
Primary Ingredients Sandalwood, Kesar and Rose Attar
Duration Lifetime
For Best Results, use it with
Amrutam Raahukey Oil for Puja, Amrutam Poshak Key Oil and Amrutam Dhoop Cones

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Why choose Amrutam Chandan?

● Sandalwood is known to be sacred in traditional Indian rituals and prayers.
● Amrutam Chandan can be used in religious rituals to purify the divine abode.
● It is also rich in anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that can deep clean and hydrate all skin types.
● Chandan is a 100% natural remedy to balance the Kapha, pacify the Pitta, and treat the Vata doshas.
● It has a cooling effect that can soothe and heal sunburns, acne, rashes, sores, and ulcers.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH certified and US FDA approved

What is Amrutam Chandan made of?

Key Ingredients (Each 1 Gram contains)

Malayagiri Pure Sandalwood powder, PureKesar, Camphor, Red sandalwood, Cedar, Agar, Haridra, Brahmi, Shanshpushpin, Rose Itra, Chandan Itra, Jatamansi, Bahusugandhi

How to use Amrutam Chandan?

● Apply Amrutam Chandan on your forehead to soothe the nervous system and activate minor chakras of the body.
● It can also be used for rites & rituals as per Indian Culture.

Who should be using Amrutam Chandan?

Amrutam Chandan is suitable for those looking for a way to calm the nervous system and activate the minor chakras of the body.

● Gender: All
● Age: All
● Dosha Type: Tridosha
● Season: All seasons
● Minimum Application Period: 3-6 months

General Instructions

● Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


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Customer Reviews

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Mujhe Chandan Kuch bhi khas nahi lga na he koi khusbu na he lane ke bad Kuch Alag sa feel hua

Mujhe bilkul bhi Acha nahi lga
Na he koi Chandan wali khusbu
Na he lgane ke bad kuch Alag sa feel hua


Authentic chandam powder. I Mix it with water and apply on forehead everyday after returning from works. Helps me to calm down.


3 stars because it does provide coolness and a good effect, bt considering the price quantity is very very less also strong smell of ittar and nothing of sandalwood.


True and authentic chandan powder


Nice calming effect!