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Meet Zarina Yunus

As a young and ambitious person, Zarina Yunus always dreamed of pursuing a career in journalism. Right from her childhood, this dream of making her mark in the media industry accompanied her in almost all her ventures. However, for someone coming from a conservative background, it was a task for Zarina to convince her family to let her chase her dreams, the pursuit of which involved leaving her hometown, Barrackpore, for higher studies.

Eventually her family agreed and sent her for a master’s course to New Delhi. It was during one of her internships as a journalism student that she was introduced to the PR industry. A push from her dean and peers encouraged her to try out roles involving handling beauty and home décor brands. The massive exposure, liberating work culture and a promising future instantly fascinated Zarina and as a result she decided to venture into PR.

Zarina Yunus Amrutam

“I decided to go to Mumbai and explore the industry. Lifestyle, home décor, fashion and beauty brands always interested me, so I started working with different agencies, widening my scope and expertise. The work was enthralling but soon I learned that the nine-to-six schedule was just not sitting with me. I began to feel restricted.”

Soon after this realization, Zarina quit her job and decided to go solo. She freelanced with a few brands and organizations, exercising great degree of self-discipline and sincerity. After receiving a wonderful response from her clients, she became even more motivated to work, and in January of 2019, she established her own PR agency with the name Fireflies Mediaworks.

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The origin story

At Amrutam, Zarina plays the role of a PR Consultant where she works on strategizing Amrutam’s brand visibility and promotions. Her story of associating with Amrutam is quite an interesting one. “I was looking for Ayurvedic skincare products as part of my research and stumbled upon Amrutam. The brand aesthetics and origin story really intrigued me, and I was inclined to finding out more,” says Zarina.

Amrutam Press Release Featured List

“I’ve seen and worked with brands that spend inordinate amounts of money on things like marketing and promotions instead of finessing the quality of the product. This was not the case with Amrutam. The products itself were so solid and premium that I just knew I had to help the brand reach more and more people.”

Thereafter, in November of 2020, Zarina wrote an email to Team Amrutam showing her interest in a collaboration. She laid down a plan on how they could work together. Having never really worked with a PR Consultant before, the Team had their apprehensions but eventually decided to give it a shot. The first month involved working on celebrity PR and campaigns, following by features in magazines. Things began taking shape that gradually led to flourishing campaigns and more features and collaborations. Today, Amrutam has been featured in over 30 magazines and media houses and is a popular go-to for beauty enthusiasts!

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On values and influences

When asked what is it that she discovered about herself while working with Amrutam, she says, “To always try and be optimistic about things in life.” There are going to be struggles and challenges; life will not always be rainbows and roses. But that does not mean we cannot have a positive outlook towards life. Zarina firmly believes that it is important to remind ourselves that things will work out, and when they don’t, it’s for the best!

“My father passed when I was 13. We were all in a state of shock when it happened. As the youngest of all siblings, I was really lost and unsure of how things will take shape. But my oldest brother decided to take charge of the household and the family business. He played the role of a father-figure to all of us and did whatever it took to give us a comfortable life. His sacrifices and ability to change the narrative of life have influenced me deeply and I credit all my success to him.”

As an individual, Zarina is very personable and warm, and she likes to practice amiability in both her personal and professional relationships. She diligently follows her workout routine and wanders around the streets of Mumbai for a good cup of coffee. Trekking and cooking are two of the things she holds very close to her heart. Additionally, she contributes 5% of her income to social and charitable causes.

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On being part of #AmrutamFamily

Zarina’s family describes her as a strong-headed and determined person who is hell-bent on achieving her goals. “I am not the kind of person who can work without putting my own mind to doing things. I enjoy working with people in a way where I am able to deliver what I promise,” she adds. And this amalgamation of free-will and accountability is one of the many things she loves about working with Amrutam!

Zarina Yunus Amrutam

“I love everything about Amrutam – the brand as well as the people! In their interview with YourStory, I learned so much about Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Chandrakanta Gupta. How they started the business 16 years ago from scratch and the way Stuti and Agnim revamped the whole business and took it online despite their own ventures. I love how they treat and nurture Amrutam like a baby. It really inspires me.”

In the coming years, Zarina hopes to establish branches of her agency in different parts of the country including Calcutta near which her hometown is situated. She also wants to contribute to social and charitable causes that are close to her heart. Her message to the readers is to surround yourselves with people you love and try to give back to society in whatever ways possible.

We are thankful to Zarina Yunus for her perseverance and efforts and are beyond grateful to have her as part of #AmrutamFamily!


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