5 Really Funny Things which Indian Parents have been telling their kids

Let’s look at the five funny things our parents have been telling us

#1 A Tree will grow in your stomach, if you eat the seeds

Has it been difficult for you to eat the orange? All of the peeling and removing the seeds can be irritating for some. And, for us as children, our parents have always told us that if you chew or swallow the seeds, orange trees will grow in your stomach. The likelihood of trees growing in your stomach is impossibility. In fact, orange seeds are really good for your health as they are antioxidants and rich in vitamin C.

#2  Bhindi will help you with Maths

Have you sucked at Mathematics throughout your academic career? Then we are sure that you would have heard this one. We are not sure if eating Bhindi will help you with mathematics; it surely has its own set benefits still.  It is helpful in digestion, improves skin health and is rich in fiber.
Take Two Spoons of Brainkey Gold Malt, one in morning and one in the evening.  Now, that will surely help you with your mathematics.

Brainkey Gold is an ancient traditional ayurvedic recipe for your mental immunity and to protect you from stress and worry.

#3 Milk= Increased Height

Our mothers have always nagged us about drinking milk. They have told us that drinking milk will help us increase our height. It will make us stronger.
All of that being true, milk alone will not help you grow your height or become stronger. Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D which are really beneficial for bone health.  Take two spoons a day with warm water of Child Care Malt and increase your height and strength.

#4 “Zyaada Chai Mat Piyo, Kaale Pad Jaoge”

Someone or the other has always pointed this out to us- “Don`t drink a lot of tea, your skin will become dark”. Is this grandma myth true? Does drinking tea will darken your skin color?
Tea, any kind of tea, contains antioxidants which protect our skin. Antioxidants protect our skin against free radicals which are responsible for damaging our skin.
As they say, excess of anything is bad for your health and so is excess of tea. Drinking excess of tea causes dehydration, which has an impact on our skin tone. You should not drink more than three-four cups of tea in a day. Apply Amrutam Herbal Ubtan, an herbal face pack to improve your skin health.

#5 Eat Almonds! It will boost your Memory

Remember your exam days, when your parents would tell you to munch on a few almonds? We all have been told at some point about the memory boosting power of Almond and improve our brain power as well. That’s true; Almonds are good for your brain and memory. They are rich in proteins which are good for your cognitive function; it is also rich in Vitamin E which will reduce the aging of our brain cells.
Along with Almonds, take two spoons of Brainkey Gold Malt everyday with warm milk to boost your mental immunity. Brainkey Gold Malt also helps in improving in memory and concentration.

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