Beat The Heat With These Indoor Plants

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According to Ayurveda, Summer is the Pitta season. Ruled by the sun, heat is powerful, bright, charismatic where the daytime is longer and lighter. Many of us look forward to summers, it can be too hot at the time. Too much heat can be problematic and can cause acne, itchiness, etc.

You might have found several ways to keep yourselves cool and healthy this summer, isn't it? Summer is a good time to eat raw, juicy fruits and vegetables that have a cooling effect on your body. Going for a dip in a pool or beach are other fun ways to beat the heat.

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Ponder over your day to day life at your own space, your home! You will feel the heat or hot temperatures daily. It’s difficult to sleep in hot nights tossing and turning sides as you sweat. Once in a while, you can opt for weekend getaways to a hill station or beaches etc. But how are you planning to beat the scorching heat daily? Are you planning to chill sitting indoors and just turn on the air conditioners? AC is irresistible during summers but just take a moment to ponder about the undesirable effects caused by AC. They are hardly eco-friendly and not always budget-friendly. It might be hard to think to stay away from the AC in rising temperatures.

Amrutam is here to suggest you few ways to cool down your indoor space without the affecting the environment or hitting your wallet. We believe in the science of Ayurveda, which deals with plants. The first and foremost requirement for staying healthy is breathing fresh air. We all know plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, provide shade and enhances the beauty of home too. Many love gardening and pursue it as a hobby even in the minimum space that we get at our urban homes. Gardening is best with regards to current environmental issues like global warming, pollution, etc. Moreover, a natural way to enhance air quality & keeping our homes cooler is to opt for indoor plants.

Well, did you know that recent studies have proved that there are many plants that help in purifying the air and eliminate toxic compounds from the air? How about planting such plants and few other Ayurvedic herbs with medicinal value? This way you can de-stress yourself, stay healthy, keep your body cool throughout the summers. Plants increase humidity and also brings/enhances positive energies making our life good.

Here’s a list of best indoor plants that can help you purify air, absorb heat and also possess healing benefits. Let's also understand how to care for these indoor plants.

Aloe vera

Surprised? Aloe vera is just magical plant with several benefits. Till now, you would have heard about its therapeutic or healing properties, right? But it also helps in purification of air. It helps in clearing out the air pollutants (formaldehyde) thereby purifying the indoor air. In fact, it gives hints when the number of harmful chemicals is in excess in the air by developing brown spots on its leaves. It grows best in lots of suns. Having an Aloe Vera plant at home will be highly beneficial as it brings down ambient temperatures. You can use homemade aloe gels for your hair & skin. Aloe Vera juice is a superfood that helps you in digestion, relieves constipation and has many other benefits. Try out Amrutam's Body Wash which is made of Aloe Vera & Rose which cleanses and nourishes your body.

Snake Plant or Mother-in-law’s tongue

It’s the only plant that releases oxygen at night. It keeps the temperatures cooler at night and absorbs toxins such as nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. The leaves have high water content so releases cool evaporated moisture as it transpires.

Peace Lily

The peculiar feature of this plant is the more leaves, the better. More the leaves in a plant, higher the amount of oxygen and moisture it releases during transpiration.

Boston Fern

They act as natural humidifiers. It is a very good air purifier with the ability to clean the air from volatile organic compounds like benzene & formaldehyde.


It is yet another miracle herb possessing several health benefits. Don’t forget to check out Amrutam’s Zeo Malt which is a key to all your stomach problems.



Tinospora cordifolia [Guduchi]

It’s one of the most divine herbs, used widely as medicine. It’s a climber plant. Amrutam offers an excellent Ayurvedic formulation for children using Guduchi - Childcare Malt which is a total herbal supplement for children.

Other indoor air purifying plants include Bamboo plant, Spider plant, Garden mum, Ficus varieties, Palm varieties, Money plant, Chinese Evergreen. Besides, you can grow a few herbal plants such as Hibiscus, Mint, Ginger, Coriander leaves, Brahmi, Neem etc.

There are a lot of advantages to having potted plants at home. So, what are you waiting for? This summer, try bringing in some of these ornamental plants or medicinal herbs and feel the difference yourself. You will feel cool, energized, positive and fresh every day. So, #Foool no more with modern air conditioners that claim to be efficient but equally unsafe for our environment.

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