Borage - the digestive system partner

You must be wondering, why is Borage called as the digestive system partner? 

The answer lies in its properties. If adressed by its Sanskrit name Parnayavani, it becomes easy to understand since yavani means Ajowan carava and hence it's easy to relate Borage with it. Since Ajowan Carava is a well known digestive agent, Borage gears up your digestive process too! 

Scientific name: Coleus amboinicus

Commonly known as Indian Borage, Mexican Mint, Indian Mint, Country Borage. 

The origin of Mexican Mint is unknown but it is believed to be the native of Africa or India.

In the ancient Ayurvedic sciences, it's origin in believed to be a foreign species but now it's found all over in India. 

It is a small shrub upto the height of 2-5 centimeters. The flowers are small and brinjal coloured and the flowering and fruiting season lies in May and June. 

Parts used: Leaves. 

Ayurvedic properties 

Ras - Katu, Tikhta. 

Vipak - Katu.

Gun - Laghu, Ruksha.

It balances Kaphadosh and Vatadosh.


The uses of Parnayavani range wide from digestion to painkiller properties to working on urinary stones. Nonetheless, Borage plays an amazing role in hair health products. Indian mint, as its name suggests, gives a fresh essence to the hair product and leaves your hair shining as does our product Kuntal Care Hair Spa & Kuntal Hair Oil which consists Parnayavani (Borage).

Local applications

Local applications of Borage are effective as painkillers.

You would be surprised to know that the local application of borage cures insect bites. A paste of leaf is applied at the site of insect bite incase of poisoning caused by the insects.

Local application has its effect on headaches too!

Internal applications

The intake of Parnayavani works on many disorders. It is consumed in the form of leaf extracts.

  • It acts on tastebuds and enhances the taste sensation. Appetite increaser is its commonly known function.
  • It acts on Vatadosha  by maintaining its balance in abdomen and hence also reduces pain in abdomen.
  • Abdominal problems, no doubt, trace to dysentry and worm infestations too and borage haven’t stayed back in curing them!
  • Liver functions are stimulated by parnayavani and that is a major reason this herb is used in liver diseases.
  • Borage has a very important use in stimulating the activities of heart and hence its intake is useful in people with a weak heart or what we might call a tired heart.
  • It consumption decreases Kaphadosha which proves to be useful in treatment of asthama, chronic kapha and hiccup problems.
  • Borage is believed to cure all urinary tract infections and urinary calculi.
  • The alluring look borage provides to hair is due to its positive effects on the digestive system. Proper digestion and absorption of minerals and nutrients is essential for proper hair growth. We have made sure you are provided with all the care your hair needs with our product at Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Oil-For hair revitalizing and strengthening.


Extract- 5 to 10 ml, twice daily.

So this Indian Mint works as your all time medicine and never stays back in treating most of your problems. Its amazing Ayurvedic properties are what attracts everyone and makes it medicinal. At Amrutam we try and preserve the natural and herbal properties of all the Ayurvedic herbs at their best. I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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