Have you heard of Jawahar Mohra? A Magical Herb for your Mental Immunity

We are forgetting our nature, all that surrounds us and have created us. Nature has a cure for all your problems and has been recognized since centuries before. However, with modernization we have started building more and more industries, malls, techno-parks and what not but the forests are continuously on a decline.

Today let us take out five minutes to learn about an interesting and magical formulation used medicinally since centuries in Ayurveda- Jawahar Mohra.
Jawahar Mohra is one of the key ingredient of Amrutam`s Brainkey Gold Malt.

Brainkey Gold Malt is a natural Formula for your Mental Immunity. Mental Immunity is your capability to fight against damage and stress. Brainkey Gold Malt has been tested and recommended by thousands of Ayurveda Practitioners and Herbalists. Brainkey Gold Malt has shown wonderful results in the past few years.

Jawahar Mohra is a combination of various ingredients like Swarna Bhasma, Kasturi etc. It is very beneficial for heart and the mind, as Jawahar Mohra nourishes the heart and mind. The benefits of Jawahar mohra are so well known that it is also considered as the elixir of life.

Jawahar Mohra can help in balancing the Vata and Pitta dosha. It is also a cardio-prodective, Anti-hypertensive, Anti depressive, Antioxidant and calcium rich formula.

Brainkey Gold Malt has also been proven to be very beneficial in the treatment of anxiety neurosis and mental fatigue. Brahmi has been found to improve IQ levels significantly, general ability, behavioural patterns and mental concentration in children. Key factor in Vertigo, Anxiety, Headache, Psycholepsy, Loss of memory (age-associated).

The active ingredients of Jawahar Mohra are Manikya Pishti, Mukta Pishti, Prawal Pishti, Kaharwa Pishti, Silver Leaves Etc. Manikya Pishti is an Ayurvedic medicine, prepared from Ruby. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment to boost immunity, intelligence, oligospermia(low sperm concentration). Mukta Pushti is used in the treatment of mania, psychosis and depression. These ingredients along with Brahmi, Ashwagnadha, Shankh Pushpi are very beneficial in providing you mental immunity from damage and stress.

Brainkey Gold Malt will help you:

●Build your Mental Immunity

●Improve your mental concentration

●Enhance your Memory


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