How to Deal with Negative Thoughts in Your Life? Learn with Amrutam

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Negative thoughts are like a downward spiral. They can keep on going on for an eternity. Once I heard a story about two wolves, one was a good wolf and another bad wolf. These wolves had a master and the wolf, out of the two wolves, which master chose to feed, would keep getting stronger.

The master chose to feed the bad wolf and one fine day, the bad wolf ate the good wolf.

The same goes with our thoughts as well, every human being faces two kinds of thoughts- positive and negative thoughts.Positive thoughts are good for your overall health and negative thoughts are not.

As greedy humans, we always wish that we do not have to deal with these negative thoughts and emotions which drain us out of all our energy. However, the truth of life is that we have to deal with all of these thoughts and worries which we do not like.

In modern day, the abilities of the common man have decreased with increased accessibility to technology and other advancements in our social settings. The ability to cope with daily stress and worry, the common tensions of life has decreased. The stress in one`s life goes on increasing every day, the worry to reach work on time, the worry to complete all your work on time, the worry to cook food for yourself and the list goes on endlessly.

We, at Amrutam being aware of the amount of daily stress and tension the common man takes every day have developed a 100% natural, herbal and ayurvedic formula to improve your mental immunity and fight daily worry.
Amrutam`s Brainkey Gold Malt is a natural formula with no side effects to boost your memory, improve your mental concentration and build your mental immunity. The magical ingredients of Brainkey Gold Malt like Jatmansi, Shankhpushpin, Brahmi and Ashwagandha. The combination of these herbs is very beneficial for your mental health.

There are some simple Amrutam Hacks which can help you deal with your everyday worry:

#1 Observe your Thoughts

If you have started practicing observing your thoughts regularly than after a point of time you would become more and more aware of what you are thinking and what is making you think that way. Observing is the first step to prevention, if you are not observing and letting your thoughts run like mad bulls in your mind, then dear, they will start eating you up.
Thereby, first and foremost observe, observe your thoughts.

Observe your thoughts without acting on them, observe your thoughts and if you like write them down in a journal.

#2 Acceptance

Once you have started observing your thoughts, only then you will be able to accept them. Acceptance is a key process in the journey of spiritual awakening, it is very important to accept yourself the way you are. The same goes with your thoughts as well, not until you accept your thoughts you will be able to let go of them.

#3 Sublimate

Sublimation is a psychoanalytic theory to transform an instinctual impulse to a more productive activity, into something which is more aesthetic work or activity. When you are angry or when you are dealing with negative thoughts you can choose to transform that energy into something more productive and soothing for yourself. You can write poetry, learn pottery, play the violin or paint, whatever makes you happy.

Sublimation is also a book of poetry, written by a dear friend, about a lot of things from Heartbreak to Travel diaries and everything in between. Perhaps, by reading these you might find your sublimation.

#4 Go for a Walk

Personally, for me, walking is a therapeutic activity- it always helps me gather all my thoughts. There are so many thoughts we think every day and it almost seems like that our minds never stop ticking and do we get time to process these thoughts?
Thinking about your thoughts is an important exercise as well.
Going for a walk can help you think about your thoughts and de-clutter those.

#5 Build your Mental Immunity

Mental Immunity is your physiological and psychological capabilities to provide adequate defense against damage and stress. The stress for minds these days is continuously on a rise. Hence, it is essential to improve your mental immunity against stress and worry. A healthy lifestyle along with Brainkey Gold Malt will help you build your mental immunity.

Amrutam's Brainkey Gold Malt is a natural formula to build your mental immunity.


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