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I was watching a documentary about Minimalism, a couple of months back while my life was all cluttered up with materialistic luxuries and a very deep longing for mental and spiritual peace.
Minimalism is a subtle counter-culture which is developing all around the world, promoted especially by individuals who have suffered the ill-effects of industrial and technological revolutions.

Do you, like me have found letters more fascinating than emails?
Yes, then maybe you would like to call yourself a minimalist.

Minimalism is a concept and a way of living with lesser of things that you don`t need.
If I am to formulate an equation for minimalism, I would say that take everything you possess from your physical, digital and emotional possessions. Everything and start removing the things, the possessions you do not need and you will be on your path to minimalism.

Minimalism is a process of simplifying the complex reality into simpler things. Simplicity involves lesser of everything and whatever remains as you start simplifying your life is more powerful and meaningful than the sum of complexities which you held and possessed as dearly social status symbols or just for the sole of purpose of possessing it.

“Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.”
-Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

Technology and consumerism instead of simplifying our lives have made it more complicated. Everything is becoming a touch and run game. As consumers,   we have started buying things not just for the functional value associated with a particular consumer good or service.
Ask yourself? What is the last thing you have bought and why did you buy it?

The problem here is not with buying things, it is with our reasoning for buying or doing things.
Did you see a fancy glittery overpriced diary on the internet with a calendar for 2018?
Did you choose to buy it? Why?
Ask yourself? Are you buying something because you really need it or because you can?

With the credit facilities and credit accessibility increasing through decades, our purchasing power has been increasing and we have been buying more and more and more things and services. Cars, Gadgets, Stationery and more of everything.

Another article I was reading the day before yesterday night titled “Go Deeper, Not Wider” caught my intimate attention. As David (the writer of that article) very sharply points at our habits these days to touch and let go of things. As if our times are making us humans beings with no patience and perseverance. Today, you will pick up a book and be in red hot love with it and tomorrow you will find another book, without even completing the previous one. In this easily letting go culture, we are letting go too easily sometimes without working hard for things. Without developing an innate sense of patience and perseverance towards the things we want to do.

Today, you will choose to go to work walking and tomorrow again you would find yourself riding your bike, contributing to pollution, increasing your expenses instead of cutting them down.
Look, I am not saying that you should stop buying things or stop changing your mind about things you wish to pursue in your daily life. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with buying more things or changing your mind about things.

I am saying that we should first fully exhaust the value of whatever we have bought, if it is a car then use it completely before you plan to buy another one. If you are reading a book than try to complete that book before you move on to another one.

Why is Minimalism important?

If we keep consuming at the rate that we are consuming and not fully utilize the value of things we buy and use, then the amount of junk we produce will go on increasing. And, this just does not apply to the physical objects (goods and products) but also to intellectual ideas and digital space as well.

Minimize and live simply.
It will help you provide more mental space, peace, and freedom.

Here are few Amrutam ways I have learned to live a simplistic and minimalistic lifestyle:

  • Start Small, Start With your Desk

    It won`t be best for ideas to throw away all your materialistic possessions the first day you decide to start living a minimalistic lifestyle.

    Start small first, start with your desk first.

    Remove all the unwanted stationery and pens that don`t work anymore. Put them away and try recycling them.

  • Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!
    Friends, old and young!

    The first and foremost idea of living a minimalistic life revolves around decluttering.

    Choose your wardrobe and start putting away clothes you do not wear. Put them to a different use, where they are being utilized rather than sitting inside your wardrobe and just staying as proud possessions.1

Simplify your food habits!
Yes, you love the aloo paranthas on Sunday mornings and poha on Monday mornings.

  • And if you get Palak Paneer on Wednesday nights there will be nothing like it.

    However, if you want to start living a simpler and minimalistic life, start eating a simpler meal every day. Dal and Roti will suffice. Once you start doing so, you will find yourself at ease with lesser choices to make life will itself become simpler.

  • Declutter Digitally
    According to a study, we spend roughly two to three hours every day browsing on social media.

    I understand that social media is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your distant friends and family. However, you can simplify your social media usage by sanitizing your digital life.

    Instagram provides you an option in settings to turn off notifications for certain categories. You can choose to turn off notifications you do not want to see.

    Delete the pictures which you have uploaded to digital space- may on Facebook, Google Drive or Pinterest. There is no point maintaining multiple copies, anyway.

 Living a Minimalistic life involves one simple rule- simplify, simplify and keep simplifying!

Amrutam`s way of Simplifying

Amrutam with its innovative packaging chooses to use glass jars for all our malts, to make ourselves more eco-friendly and simplify our packaging process. Glass jars have added advantage on a consumer level as they can be reused and have a much longer shelf-life than plastic.
Amrutam aspires to always be environmental, economically and socially viable.

You can buy our products at Amrutam`s e-store- Amrutam Ayurvedic Medicine Store

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