How to sleep with the right posture- to avoid backache? The Amrutam way

Especially when dealing with backache, if we are able to figure out the right posture to sleep, it can help us a lot in dealing with our backache. If the pain in your back is on the upper or middle side then you should sleep sideward or on your back. If the pain is located in your lower back, lie on your side. It is important for you to avoid sleeping on your stomach, as it can burden your nerves, muscles and spine. Sleeping on your stomach can also worsen the pain.
A good posture is not just limited for your day life, your life on desk or while you are outside. It is important for you to rethink the importance of your body posture while sleeping as well. Sleeping with a wrong body posture can stimulate backache. If you have been facing backache it is important for you to check your posture.
The purpose of sleeping is that it should rejuvenate your body and mind. Sleep should be relaxing. If you are not able to find the right position to sleep, it can affect your spine and neck severely adding to you back pain.
Here are a few Amrutam tips to avoid backache:
#1 Avoid the fetal position
You should avoid sleeping in the fetal position and also, on your stomach. Sleeping with the fetal position can increase pressure on our joints, muscles, spine and hips.
#2 Sleep on your back
Sleeping on back amrutam
The optimal position for the human body is on the back, as it helps keeping the spine, head and spine in a neutral position without putting any pressure on any of these body parts.
#3 Sleep sideways
If it is too difficult for you to sleep sideways, then sleeping on the side is the best for you. This helps in keeping the spine straight, henceforth, avoiding any pressure on the spine, back or neck.
#4 Sleep on the right kind of mattress
You should ensure that you are using a mattress which is optimally padded for proper back support. You should use a semi-firm mattress, if possible to avoid any back pain.
#5 Use the right pillow
For a lot of us, it can be very difficult to change our sleeping position. As we have been sleeping in a particular position for years, it can be very difficult for some to change their sleeping position. When such is the case, a pillow can be a blessing for you. In case you like sleeping on your back, then a pillow in between your knees can help you keep your spine straight.
#6 Get up right
How you get out of your bed, also has a major impact on you spine and your entire body itself. You should be gentle and slow while getting up, avoiding any jerk or quick movement, swirl on one side and slowly get up using your hands.
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