Khus: The Cool and Grass-ious Gift of Nature

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Khus and I have had a relationship for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my uncle would visit us, in the hot days of June and my mother would bring the pristine emerald colored drink with two cubes of ice. As I would ponder over the deep green color of the refreshing drink, my uncle would cry with joy and say that nothing is better than a Khus Sharbat in the scorching heat of June. I would drink all of the cool, green and refreshing Sharbat in just a few gulps, because that's how delicious it used it be.

Little did I know that the the emerald green drink of coolness is just one of the many amazing things Khus can be used for. So, here I am trying to help you reminisce your own memories of this ingredient while creating more of them.

Khus: An Intro

Khus is a type of grass, which stands tall, not only in the field of aroma, but physically too. It is a type of tall grass with its leaves spanning three hundred centimetres. It has a beautiful scent that soothes your soul and a mesmerizing cool effect that soothes your whole body. Khus is the ever soothing friend, whom you'd always want to hang out with.

Fun fact: Khus is really tall for a type of grass, just its leaves measure about three metres, which is taller than humans!

The Origins of Khus

Khus is a tall and thick leaved grass, which is also called Chrysopogon Zizanioides or Vetiver and belongs to the Poaceae family. It is native to Asia and especially India. From a long time, Khus has been a prominent medicinal herb in Ayurveda. It is known for its medicinal values which are great for skin and your internal organs. It is beloved by many in the form of a green, sometimes slightly malt colored drink. The drink is a refreshing and equally healthy alternative for any soda based soft drink. Soft drinks usually contain saturated sugar, which is not good for health, but Khus has its natural sweetness, making it great for a healthy-ish dessert (depending on the other ingredients).

So this summer, if you are craving something delicious, sweet, cool and healthy, remember, that if stores have soft drinks, they also have Khus.

Fun fact: Khus is usually confused with Khus Khus, which actually are poppy seeds.

Internal Benefits

Khus not only pleases your taste buds but it also knows how to make everyone happy.

If you feel uncomfortable heat radiating in your stomach or you feel like your spine is on fire or your intestines need some ice ASAP, don’t worry, you can find the solution to all these problems in a tiny strand of herb, and that herb is none other than Khus.

Being a natural coolant it can soothe inflammation. Be it your stomach, your nerves, or any other part of your body. If you have it on your side and want to get rid of the irritating inflammation, consider your job done!

Fun fact: Khus like most grasses is easy to grow, thus it is helpful in preventing soil erosion. So next time you visit the country side and see some bushy grass at the edges of the farms, there is a possibility it's Khus, the carrier of healthy goodies.



Khus: Green On your Face

The essential oils that are made from the aromatic Khus are really beneficial for our face.

If the red spots, that when poked ooze out some gross stuff that you never want on your face are disturbing the harmony of your face, no big deal! You don’t need costly cosmetics or some chemical based cream. All you need is some Khus essential oil. Rubbing it on your acne can not only make them disappear but can also smoothen and soften your precious skin.

Adding it to your hydration spray will help its benefits sink in your skin overnight and will act as a blessing on hot summer nights. In winters, it can re-moisturize your skin too.

It can be used as a room freshener too.

Aren't all these varied benefits just absolutely awe-inspiring?

Fun fact: Many soap companies use Khus to add fragrance to their soaps. Ayurvedic creams also have it as an ingredient for the reasons now you know.

The Limit is Not Limited

Extra consumption of anything can harm you. Since Khus is a natural substance, even though the chances are low it may cause allergic reactions for some people. So it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming high amounts of it. Just because it is helpful for Insomniacs doesn't mean we'd want you to use it as a bedside snack.

Now we know what great wonders the tall grass has. We can surely rely on the green branches of Khus to help our skin glow, get freedom from annoying acne and have a wonderful internal health.

So hope that you too try the emerald green syrup if you haven’t yet. And make your very own fresh and grassy green memories that help you experience health inside and out.

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