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Just like your entire body, your mental health deserves all the attention it needs. We tend to overlook our mental well-being just by stating that it's simply stress. But we tend to forget that all the stress caused to our mind and body is primarily due to the lifestyle we choose for ourselves.

It can either be due to the lack of daily physical activity or exercising that we always wish to avoid and remain a couch potato. It can be because of the extremely unhealthy diet we all have been gobbling up, aping the West (post-globalization) with our junk food consumption choices. Also, it may happen due to certain workload pressure or salary pay or the current work environment. It can also take a toll on your mental health if you are involved in bitter relationships. Our mind has the power to control our body and vice versa, given whatever you feed your body in terms of food and healthy lifestyle choices, it sincerely gives a positive stimulus to your brain resulting in happiness and positive mental health.Healthy Lifestyle with Amrutam

With so many people all over the world talking about their health issues and mental health, it is perhaps time to recognize and reach out if you too are facing mental health problems. Our country has always taken mental health issue as a stigma and even a taboo that no one would dare to reach out because of the fear of being called a lunatic. But with the country getting renovated with its ideologies and assumptions, and majorly with a lot of celebrities and eminent personalities coming out of their mental hideout closet and telling the audience how they have battled depression, anxiety, and social isolation, people from all social strata are now pondering and talking over the issue. Although a thorough medical check-up is always advised, yet few steps should be taken to make sure you are doing everything you need to from your side as well.  


What you intake clearly not only shows on your skin but also reflects in your mental health. A healthy diet recommended by every textbook and google search is not only for stating facts but to give you a dosage of reality check. It's important to include all the essential nutrients and vitamins and fats that are required for a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down mainly on sugar and the excess fatty junk which not only brings added weight gain to the table, but will also swing the pendulum of your mood causing extreme emotions and also disrupting your skin. Sugar, mainly is linked to higher rates of depression and mental health symptoms. Better stop being the Sugarbear!


We all wish to hide under the invisibility cloak whenever someone says EXERCISE. But major improvements in mental health has been credited to the fact that a certain amount of time has been allocated to physical activity. Even going out for a walk has been proved advantageous if you are not hooked to the push ups-planks gym freak scheme. So force yourself to give your body the antidote and let your brain release endorphins which in return will make you happy and fit. Make Yourself a priority and this is already a win-win situation given you get to knock off the extra bonus weight.


Relaxation and doing meditation or even Yoga helps a lot to reduce stress. Even simple deep breathing exercises help to steer clear your rotten thoughts and control anger issues but to relax your entire mind and body, Yoga is something you must try on too. It will help you to view the world as less negative and less threatening. A 30-minute meditation - session a day can help you boost your mental resilience. You can sort to take therapies and form communication with the professional and share your thoughts or you can keep a journal to disclose whatever you are going through and to identify the triggers. Do NOT resolve to Alcohol or drugs given they are not only harmful to your health but won’t take the problems away and only give you a bad hangover the next day.

Mental Health

Be honest about your problems and issues and don’t worry about the preconceived notions about mental illness. Seek help from trained medical professionals if you need it and most importantly, be kind in acknowledging the mental health needs of those around you. It is as much important as your physical health. Mental health affects your personality, attitude and actions & decisions. It is critical to take these steps to ensure your overall health and well being.

With Regards,

Amrutam Family (always rooting for you and your mental peace & pink health)  



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