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Rasayana chikitsa is a branch of ayurvedic treatment that has a strengthening and rejuvenating action on the body. Possessing such qualities is something that is a somewhat attraction in this modern age due to the fact that it essentially has an ‘anti-ageing’ effect.

Rasayana chikitsa is most beneficial after the body has been on a detoxification treatment such as panchakarma or even lighter treatments such as shamana. It brings about vitality to the body and a luster to the tissues. Rasayana can be specific to particular tissues or srotas (channels) or it can work to rejuvenate the whole. It may come in the form of diet, lifestyle, and behavioural change.

For vata constitution, Rasayana is of huge benefit. Recently, I have been having the Brainkey Gold Malt by Amrutam. This malt works specifically on something called medhya Rasayana, which is the rejuvenation of mental faculty. This type of rasayana sharpens the intellect and grasping power. It improves the clarity of perception and memory. It works specifically on the majja dhatu, which nourishes the sensory mind and intellect.

The key ingredients of this malt are four special herbs which are specifically Rasayana for the manas (mind). These are shankhpushpi, brahmi, jatamansi and ashwagandha. In combination, these herbs are able to rejuvenate all that the mind works with. The majja dhatu is a very important tissue in our body. Although physiologically it can be likened to the bone marrow part of our body, the majja dhatu is also important for communication.

Ashwagandha has the qualities of being heavy, slow and stable. It works as a mental tranquilizer and induces natural sleep. Brahmi has different qualities of being subtle and sharp. The word ‘brahmi’ means ‘expansive state of awareness'. Its prabhava is one that increases intelligence, memory and awareness. Jatamansi is another herb whose key action is one that heals mental disorders. This herb is especially good for enhancing meditation and gain awareness. Shankh pushpi is another intellect-promoting herb and along with all the others, has a sweet and cooling effect.

We can see here that the increase and expansive state of awareness is something that can heal the mind. With more awareness we can begin to see things as they really are, and not as our conditioned mind might make us believe. Our mind can lead us into states of anxiety and worry. This can disturb our sleep, create negative thoughts as well as having also physical effects on our body.

In my experience, I have not had such a powerful effect as this malt. I did not appreciate the benefits of Rasayana until I had a month of taking it. I was consuming it in the morning with a small cup of almond milk. I found that my mind was incredibly stable during this time, where I found that I had more clarity and fewer feelings of spaciness, which can sometimes bring about a lonely feeling. Something that Vata constitutions can normally relate to! What was even more impressive was that my mind around the time of my menstrual cycle was significantly more stable and balanced. I was less of a slave to the fluctuations that occur around this time of the month. What was also great was that during this month I was studying for my exams. I felt that I was calm and able to handle the stress and work in a more focused and effective way.

We tend to neglect the mind and see it as something that we are a slave to. Ayurvedic medicine is wonderful in the respect that it includes the nourishment of the mind as a key factor in health. It is not separate from our body and so it too requires our attention. Although we cannot see it, it still exists. Sometimes, the simple act of looking after our mind can have amazing knock-on effects on our entire being. After consuming this malt I felt fuller in a sense of my being. It created a more stable and secure place for me to navigate through my day-to-day life.


 About the Author

  Naina Bajaria is an Ayurvedic   Practitioner,  Pharmacist and a Yogi.
 She is also a wonderful blogger and   vlogger.
 Know more about Naina here-   @nainaayurveda  www.nainaayurveda.com






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