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From the bag of thousands of Ayurvedic herbs, plants, and spices the one picked out this time is SarivaFor, this medicinal herb isn't too well known you'll find everything you need to know about it in the sections that follow.

This amazing medicinal ingredient which goes by the scientific name of Hemidesmus Indicus is known by many different names in different languages. In Hindi it is called Ananthamool or Anantbel; Nannaari in Tamil, Nannetti in Telegu, Karala in Punjabi, Dukshiri in Konkani, Anant vel/ Maeen mool in Marathi and is also synonymous to the Indian Sarsaparilla


Just to give you an idea of what the plant looks like, the stem is numerous and thin with thick nodes. The leaves are of the parallel venation. The plant also has flowers that look greenish on the outside and purplish on the inside. Sariva plants are mostly found in the central, western and southern regions of India.

Sariva has been used for ages by people who have always believed in the traditional system of medicine. The best thing about it is that Sariva's entire plant as well as roots can be of immense value.

In addition to this, the plant can be used in the dried form, in combination with other drugs, or even individually. The root as well as its extracts can be used for several kinds of treatments. The plant portion can also be used for making drinks and beverages that serve different purposes.

Fun Fact: This plant is also known as "Kapuri" because its roots' smell resembles that of camphor(Kapur).


Medicinal properties of Sariva

There are innumerable pharmacological properties that Sariva has to offer. Because of these properties, it stands to act as a major helper for us when it comes to keeping our health in check or solving health issues that have been bugging us for quite some time. The properties are as follows:

The Root:

  • The extract from it has anti-acne effects.
  • It also happens to be anti-oxidants rich.
  • Furthermore, it can prevent damage to the liver.
  • Can be used for anti-bacterial or anti-fungal applications.
  • Stands to protect against kidney damage.
  • Has properties that reduce the formation of blood clots.
  • Also is saluretic in nature.

The Plant:

  • Studies have shown some of its plant extracts to have anti-arthritic properties.
  •  Sariva plant extracts are also anti-inflammatory.
  • They also inhibit nociception.

    In addition to all these astounding properties and more so in collaboration with them, Sariva both plant and roots are like a miniature repository of health benefits that is super accessible and can be easily incorporated into our daily lifestyle.

    Fun Fact: According to Sanskrit texts there are two types of Sariva: Shveta (White) Sariva and Krishna (Black) Sariva.


    Classification of Sariva as per Ayurveda

    Sariva is "Pureesha Sangahania", therefore meaning that it belongs to a group of herbs that improve the bulk of feces, "Jvarahara", meaning that it belongs to the group of herbs that are used in treating fever, "Stanya Shodhana", helps in detoxifying and cleansing breast milk, Kushtahara- works wonderfully against skin diseases and Kanduhara, meaning it has the ability to soothe itchiness.

    Other specifications are:

    • Rasa (taste)- Madhura (sweet)
    • Vipaka- Madhura, as it becomes sweet after digestion.
    • Guna (quality)- Snigdha (oily) and Guru (heavy)
    • Veerya- Sheeta (Coolant), as it has a cooling effect on the body.


    Sariva For The Skin

    • Gives relief from burning sensations.
    • It has healing properties as well.
    • Applying a paste of its roots on the skin can help get rid of ringworms.
    • It consequently can be extensively used against any bacterial or fungal infections.
    • Diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, and Thrush can also be mitigated by it.

    Another amazingly efficacious ingredient that comes in handy when it comes to taking care of your skin is Rakta Chandan, click away to know more about it.


    For the Body's Health

    • If you experience a lack of taste, Sariva can help you get it back.
    • Aids digestion and strengthens the digestive system.
    • Its powder purifies the blood.
    • Has been known to improve semen quality and quantity.
    • Along with that it also helps with fertility.
    • Can be used for Arthritis and Gout.
    • Helps to manage blood sugar levels by protecting insulin-producing cells.
    • Rejuvenates the body.
    • Helps to relieve fever.
    • Might come in handy for weight management.
    • Also lends a great helping hand in case of diarrhea.

      If you're looking for natural immunity boosters, do check out Yashad Bhasma, which is yet another easily usable ingredient.

      Fun FactSariva has a very positive effect on the Tridosha as it balances all three of them.

      Sariva's side effects/precautions

      • Consumption of Sariva should be avoided during breast-feeding. A runny nose is another side effect that has been associated with it.
      • According to Modern Science, this particular ingredient does not go well with Digoxin and Lithium.
      • But according to Ayurveda, you can consume it with prescribed as well as non-prescribed medicines by keeping a gap of 1-2 hours between your medicines and the consumption of Sariva.

      Nevertheless, it is advisable to see a doctor in case of any issues.

      Fun FactSariva Sarbat is a drink which is made by mixing its juice with water; it works wonders to boost metabolism.

      Amrutam's top picks

      Here is a list of several Amrutam products that can help you inculcate the Indian Sarsaparilla in your daily life with ease. These two products will help you utilize all the benefits of Sariva in the easiest and the most hassle-free of ways.

      This plant, from its roots to its tips is like a bounty full of health benefits. So, make it a part of your diet to squeeze away all you can from it. A healthier life is always waiting.


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