Six Simple Jatamansi Recipes

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Life presents people with various opportunities and chances, but never enough time to do them all. This puts us in a frantic state of existence, always rushing about to do the next thing. All the while, the stress and fatigue from our daily hustles leave our bodies tired, drained and generally in a not-very-healthy state. Eventually, all the pressure manifests as some complicated heart condition or other medical disorders. It is essential for us to work hard but at the same time, we must make sure to give our body the rest and care it needs.  This is where Ayurveda steps in and provides simple herbal cures to almost every single ailment faced by humankind.

Ayurvedic cures tend to be simple yet holistic. They can serve as both preventive and curative measures.  Healthy individuals can consume Ayurvedic formulations to bolster their health and prevent disease afflictions. Conversely, people suffering from health problems can use Ayurvedic cures to heal themselves. Ayurveda focuses on providing the body and mind with proper nourishment, strengthening the innate immune systems and bolstering our health. In addition to being versatile, most Ayurvedic cures are simple to use and can even be made from the comfort of your home.

To provide our consumers with a simple guide on how to use different Ayurvedic cures, we at Amrutam have come up with a short blog series. The series will provide you with simple herbal recipes that can be made in your own homes to prevent and cure various health issues and resolve the eternal question 'How to make Ayurvedic remedies at home?'. This article outlines simple recipes that can be made using the herb Jatamansi. For a detailed article about the herb, follow the link.

Recipe 1: Jatamansi-Neem oil

Mix 25 grams of Jatamansi powder in 200 ml of Neem oil. Set the mixture aside for 10 – 15 hours to allow for proper infusion. Strain out the leftover solids and store the oil for future use. Alternatively, for immediate applications, Neem oil can be substituted with cold water.

How to Use: Apply the oil mix on affected skin areas and leave for a while before washing.

Purpose: A notable property of Jatamansi is its ability to cure a range of skin infections and cure wounds as well. Jatamansi has been consistently used since ancient times as a cure to various skin afflictions.

Amrutam’s Neem Oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, which help in treating rashes, infections, ringworms and other skin ailments.


Recipe 2: Jatamansi-Castor oil

Take 25 grams of Jatamansi powder and mix it in 200 ml of Castor oil. After mixing them well, add another 200 ml of Coconut oil to the mix to dilute it. Allow Jatamansi to infuse into the oil by leaving it for 24 – 36 hours. The process can be hastened by placing the mix under direct sunlight, which allows for faster infusion. Strain out the powder and store.

How to Use: This oil acts to nourish the hair and can be applied anytime. Take the desired amount of oil in your palm and massage over hair all the way down to the scalp. Spread the oil evenly and wait for a few hours before washing it out.

Purpose: Jatamansi strengthens existing hair and promotes the growth of new hair. Regular applications of Jatamansi infused oil can help in both retaining or restoring your hair to its pristine condition.

Recipe 3: Jatamansi-Triple oil

Note that the double boiler method of heating is recommended for use here to prevent the oil from burning. Take equal parts of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and Jatamansi powder. Mix the three oils and start heating it up. Once warm, add the Jatamansi powder to it and warm for ten more minutes. Finally, allow the heated mix to rest for an hour, after which the oil can be strained and stored for use.

How to Use: For application, take the desired amount of oil and spread evenly on hair all the way down to the scalp. Leave the oil for a few hours before washing out. For a detailed video explaining how to use it, follow this link.

Purpose: Although this recipe is meant to be used for promoting hair growth, it is primarily recommended for use before one is about to shampoo, as a pre-shampoo oil.

Recipe 4: Jatamansi-Honey mix

Take a pinch of Jatamansi powder and mix it in a glass of cold water. Water can be substituted with honey. Adding a pinch of the Jatamansi powder to a spoonful of honey makes for a delicious and healthy dessert.

How to use: This is a simple mix that can be consumed after meals and before going to bed. It is particularly effective in curing headaches and migraines. Please note that after consuming Jatamansi, refrain from driving or other intensive activities as the herb will induce drowsiness.

Purpose: In addition to the benefits it provides to the skin and hair, Jatamansi is a well-known nervine tonic and memory-booster. Consequently, the consumption of Jatamansi helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Being a natural sedative, it also induces sleep in the consumer.

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Recipe 5: Jatamansi-Seasme oil

Take 1 ml of Jatamansi infused Neem oil (Recipe 1) and mix with 3 ml of Sesame oil.

How to use: Rub the mix on the head and massage for 5-10 minutes.

Purpose: Unlike the previous oils, this oil mix aims to relieve mental stress and fatigue. The mix is used as a potent stress buster and stress-reliever.

Recipe 6: Jatamansi Herbal Tea

Boil water and take it out in a cup. To this, add two teaspoons of Jatamansi powder to make a simple herbal tea.

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How to Use: If you have followed the above recipe, you have in your hands a cup of fragrant, steaming herbal tea. This brew can be consumed at any time of the day. Do not boil the Jatamansi powder and only add it to the water after it has finished boiling.

Purpose: The Jatamansi infused herbal tea is a simple recipe that aids in fighting off stress and fatigue. Consumption of the herb is linked with an increased rate of memory retention and improved brain functioning.

Nature provides us with plenty of ways to enrich our lives. All we must do is look in the right places for the right cures. These DIY recipes are aimed at providing our readers with a safe, fun and effective way to deal with everyday problems. Keep an eye out for future recipes featuring other Ayurvedic herbs and spices!!


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