Top 5 Personal Hygiene Tips for Every Woman

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “The first wealth is health”. But a healthy body does not stop at being disease-free. Being healthy also means feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. One way to feel great every day is to maintain a good personal hygiene routine.

Personal hygiene goes beyond keeping bad breath and body odor away. It is a daily practice of cleaning and grooming our external bodies, and is an important aspect of good health. Some broad examples of personal hygiene include hand washing, bathing or showering, oral hygiene and so on. And as women, we also need to take special care of our intimate body parts.

So, here are five simple intimate hygiene tips that every woman must follow religiously:


  1. Cleansing

Having vaginal discharges is actually a normal process. The vagina self-cleans its surface and the bodily fluids keep it protected against infections. Using scented feminine wash and soap strips on the protective surface may leave you more prone to infections, odor, and discomfort. All you need is warm water and mild soap to clean your external genitals. Avoid cleaning the internal area of your vagina. Clean only when necessary.


  1. Menstrual Care


During menstruation, it is quite natural for a woman to feel discomfort, especially with the wet and potential bad smell feeling. Take particular care of your hygiene during menstruation. Change your tampon/ sanitary napkin every 4 hours. It is also advisable to choose unscented tampons and sanitary pads to minimize the exposure of harsh chemicals.


  1. Odor Care

Every woman has a naturally occurring and unique scent. Using feminine sprays and deodorants only cover up the natural smell temporarily. They do not make it go away. Yet, if you must know, the smell is barely detectable to the people around you. It does not go beyond your clothing. But if you think you have an abnormally strong scent, you could most likely be suffering from a genital infection. Do get it checked by a doctor.


  1. Clothing


The vagina is normally moist due to its natural secretions. Wearing light clothes allow good air flow and reduce the collection of bacteria and fungi in the area. Hence, it is highly recommended to wear cotton underpants and panty liners. Avoid wearing tight or wet clothing for a long period of time. And if you sweat profusely, like after your workout or Zumba class, it is prudent to immediately change all your clothes, even underpants.



  1. Diet



Of course, you know what you eat or drink affects your intimate hygiene. Junk food only makes your tongue feel happy, not your internal body. And it clearly reflects on how pungent your body odor is. It is then imperative to have fresh and healthy food, along with a lot of water, to keep your body pH levels balanced. You could also include Ayurvedic supplements, like Nari Sondarya Malt,  for your complete health.


Our personal health depends upon the cleanliness habits we inculcate to keep us free from infections, diseases, and so on. Do use the above tips to make yourself feel good inside out!


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