Travel in Style and Health with Amrutam's Care Pack

The Space-friendly travel companion

So we suggest, why not do it with a little bundle of care in your bag?
Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack has got you covered for all your travel times to come.
And what’s more, you wouldn’t need to worry about the packing space it would take up, because it is next to nothing.

The Corona outbreak has got everyone thinking about the kind of things we are putting on our bodies. The chemically created shampoos, lotions, face packs or other daily use products available in the market have begun to be a major concern.

During traveling people come across some travel woes that threaten to hinder their plans. Their hair becomes frizzy, those unwanted pimples somehow decide to pop out and the skin gets dry or just too oily. These seemingly petty but actually really pressing problems distract us from our plans. And amidst all these concerns Ayurveda always acts as the Knight in shining armor.


According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, most body problems while traveling are caused by an increased Vata Dosha. It’s said that everyone has Vata Dosha, which helps the movement in the various systems of our bodies ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and especially the digestive processes.


When the Vata is at a healthy level, all should be and feel good. But an imbalance in the Vata dosha can cause problems like dry and frizzy hair, dry skin and other basic skin problems.


Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack consists of:


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