You can take care of anxiety by using the 7 Amrutam herbal plants.

Anxiety, we keep using this word in our daily lives quite regularly without going into the roots of it, what is this anxiety. Anxiety in simple words is fear or worry.

You can take care of anxiety by using the following 7 Amrutam herbs:

#1 Bach

Bach, its botanical name is Acorus Calamus and its English name is Sweet Flag Root. Its major chemical constituents are β-Asarone and α-Asarone (Fragrance oils).

Ayurvedically, Bach`s bark powder can enhance memory and cures forgetfulness. It is also beneficial in anxiety and epilepsy when its powder is taken with honey.  Ginger powder (Shunti) is recommended to cure facial paralysis.

#2 Siris

Siris, its botanical name is Alibizzia Lebbek and it belongs to the plant family Mimosaceae.
Its major chemical constituents are  Budmunchiamine alkaloids and Saponins.
Seeds of Siris along with black pepper powder, when applied near eyes, can cure unconsciousness.     Siris`s seed powder is one of the constituents for treating psychosis, insanity, anxiety, and hysteria.

#3 Brahmi

Brahmi, its botanical name is Centella Asiatica and in Hindi, it is also known as Gotu Kola.
It has a funny English name as well- Indian pennywort.
Its major chemical constituent is asiaticosides.
Dry plant of Brahmi when taken in preparations of combinations, improves memory power. Also, its powder when mixed with unboiled cow milk and taken shows relief from insomnia. Brahmi`s powder can also be mixed with honey or pepper or cow’s “ghee” (purified butter) and taken to ease in anxiety.

#4 Neembu

Neembu, its botanical name is Citrus Aurantifolia.
Neembu or lemon belongs to Rutaceae plant family. Its major chemical constituents are Bergamottin, Bergapten. Lemon seeds and juice are beneficial in insanity related disorder.

 Lemon juice is also given to the patients with anxiety to regularize the heartbeat.

#5 Bariyar

Bariyar, its botanical name is Sida Cordifolia and it has various Hindi names including Jangli methi, Bariyar and Khrainti. It belongs to Malvaceae plant family and its English name is Country mallow.  Its major chemical constituents are Sidasterone A and B.
Bariyar powder after cooking in milk is given to the patient or massaged, giving relief in facial paralysis.

Bariyar is also used to control the excessive anxiety along with “apamarg” (Achyranthes aspera) are boiled in milk until concentration and given.

#6 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, its botanical name is Withania Somniferia and its English name is Rennet. Its major chemical constituents alkaloid and Acyl steryl glucosides. Ashwagandha is known to protect the nervous system and relieve anxiety. Many studies have confirmed its anxiety-fighting properties. They have also proved Ashwagandha as a powerful immune-system booster that may even have anti-aging effects.

#7 Jatamansi

Jatamansi, its botanical name is Nardostachys Jatamansi and it belongs to Valerianaeae plant family. Balchhad is its another Hindi name along with Jatamansi and in English name is known as Spikenard. Its major chemical constituents are Jatamansone and terpenoids. Jatamansi has been recommended for anxiety disorders and It is useful in hysteria and epilepsy when taken with “ghee”.


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