Five dominant properties of Shankhpushpi

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Various scientific studies have been performed to establish the nature, constituents and effects of Shankhpushpi. The herb is found to contain normal levels of carbohydrates and proteins. Additionally, several active compounds, some unique to this plant, have been found. It is believed that these novel compounds are responsible for the versatile remedial nature of Shankhpushpi. However the exact mechanism or compounds involved have yet to be identified.

Health benefits of Shankhpushpi

Some of the most prominent and characteristic health benefits for brain, hair and skin of Shankhpushpi are discussed below.

● Shankhpushpi for Mental Fatigue or Mental Health and Wellness 

Fatigue is understood as the decrease in the efficiency with which one can perform a task. By extension, Mental Fatigue can be described as a decrease in the mental or cognitive ability of an individual. The root cause of mental fatigue can vary from overworking to being present in high-pressure situations. This condition is transient, and with a proper rest period, one can be “cured” of this ailment. However, modern life provides very few opportunities for people to catch their breath. After extended periods of rest, you may find yourself struggling to catch up. It is also possible to alleviate mental fatigue simply by removing the stressor, but that poses its own set of problems.

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Taking into account the modern-day scenario and the challenges it presents, most people turn to medication to help with mental-fatigue or stress. And what better medication exists than an all-natural, Ayurvedic cure such as ShankhpushpiShankhpushpi has been reported to help with loss of concentration, improve memory and intellect, and eliminate hypertension and other nervous disorders. Parts of Shankhpushpi have also been used for the treatment of anxiety neurosis, specifically the leaves and flowers. With its plethora of remedial actions, Shankhpushpi serves as an all-in-one treatment for a wide array of health conditions.

● Shankhpushpi for a Healthy Heart or Cardiac Functioning

Shankhpushpi possesses excellent anti-oxidant properties This makes it especially useful in remedying various circulatory conditions and enhancing the functioning of the heart. Studies on the effects of this potent herb in animals have reported that the consumption of Shankhpushpi, for 90 days, results in reduced levels of Low Density Lipoproteins(LDL) also known as Bad Cholesterol. LDLs play a significant role in causing heart attacks by hampering blood-flow. Shankhpushpi is naturally capable of reducing the body levels of LDLs and consequently reduces the risk of a heart attack.

● Shankhpushpi Learning and Memory

Mental prowess is a must if one expects to be able to compete in the daily grind. Shankhpushpi has been used since time immemorial for its potent memory boosting and mental stimulatory effects. The active compounds present in the herb are also shown to increase learning behavior, attention span, nerve coordination and recall ability.

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● Shankhpushpi for Thyroid Functioning

Thyroid related disorders are a common ailment that plagues modern society. Irregular expression of the thyroid can result in a multitude of health problems in individuals. Shankhpushpi is found to exhibit thyroid-suppressing activity. Consumption of the herb was found to reduce the activity of the thyroid, thus acting as a remedy for people suffering from Hyperthyroidism.

● Shankhpushpi for Reproductive and Emotional Functioning

Sources also point to the benefits Shankhpushpi has on the reproductive systems, especially the female system. The herb contains compounds that are capable of modulating menstruation. The herb possesses anti-depressive and anti-obsessive properties, in addition to its ability to regulate hormonal levels in the body, thereby assisting in the control of emotional fluctuations as well.

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A general lack of public faith in Ayurvedic formulations and remedies is a major hurdle, if not the biggest, towards the acceptance of Ayurveda in the 20th century. Most people consider Ayurvedic formulations as baseless and a product of pseudo-science. To assure our consumers of the authenticity of the effects of Shankhpushpi, we at Amrutam have spent hours curating scientific journals and books in order to bring forth an article that is informative and factually correct.

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