"Watching a small business grow is magical": Mumbai-based artist Pranita Kocharekar on her life, art and The Piko Shop

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Pranita Kocharekar grew up in a family of artists. A curious child with creativity spilling out of her imaginative mind, she found herself drawing on the walls of her home - her parents let her- which became her canvas. As she grew older, she found it simpler to explain her thoughts and ideas by drawing and narrating visual analogies. “The passion for expressing myself through visuals began sometime then,” recalls the Mumbai-based illustrator and designer.

Passion turned full-time job

Growing up in a home where her creativity was not only supported but celebrated, Pranita knew nothing would bring her more joy than making a career in the arts. She pursued a BFA degree in Graphic Design and Type Design from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts and has worked as a full-time freelancer and independent artist since 2014. Having worked in branding, e-commerce merchandising, and the print and digital advertising industry, some of her notable clients include Google, Cadbury, Netflix, Adidas, BBC and MG Motors, amongst others. 

Pranita Kocharekar | Artist and Illustrator | The Piko Shop | Amrutam

Pranita also enjoys documenting her life through visuals and comics on Instagram, which she calls her public journal. Over the years, she has garnered a following of over 58K+ art enthusiasts whose hearts she has touched with her quirky and relatable designs. She also uses her platform to help younger artists and freelancers by sharing the insights of her nearly decade-long experience by hosting workshops like Tailor Made Terms & Conditions.

In 2017, Pranita decided to expand her artistic ventures to her Instagram community. She started selling craftily curated calendars, stationery and other accessories. This may seem like an unconventional path for an artist, but Pranita’s entrepreneurial journey began way back.  

“To carry forward my passion for drawing and arts, a friend and I began drawing greeting cards during the summer. We set up cold drink crates in her front yard, threw a bedsheet on top of the crates & displayed our cards for sale. I believe that was when I began my entrepreneurship journey – the seed was planted & I just had to wait till I was an adult!”

Integrating business with art

Pranita recently launched The Piko Shop - an artist-led shop for thoughtful gifting where there’s something for everyone. A mesmerising collection of all things one could possibly need to lead an organised and fuss-free life, Pranita’s art effortlessly pulls all the right strings in our hearts. With many exciting plans lined up, she is sure looking forward to growing her business!

Pranita Kocharekar | Artist and Illustrator | The Piko Shop | Amrutam

Apart from working on Piko and client projects, Pranita enjoys exercising, reading and devoting time to animals. “Any book that challenges my thoughts and ideologies easily becomes a favourite,” she says. Her recent favourite is Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. As hectic and tiresome her schedule is, Pranita allows herself to dive into the world of The Office, which she claims she can watch ‘a zillion times’ solely for her love for Steve Carrell.  

“What arrests me about any piece of art is the artist. I enjoy watching & reading people who dive deep into the nuances of their art.”

Around friends and family, she goes by the title ‘hyperfocused’, the highly functional one. Pranita is known to play the role of a solution finder, the helper you can rely on - characteristics that she attributes to the freedom her parents gave her growing up. “My parents have allowed me to explore anything and do everything I wish. I believe that has enabled me to take on any challenge!” she explains. From her lens, time spent with loved ones is where she lets loose - laughing and revelling in the joy of good company. 

On mental health and what keeps her grounded

Pranita also uses her voice to create awareness about mental health and therapy, frequently collaborating with individuals and organisations. Her own journey with therapy has been life-changing; she can be found candidly sharing insights and learnings on Instagram stories. 

Pranita Kocharekar | Artist and Illustrator | The Piko Shop | Amrutam

“There are a lot of challenges while running a business that I encounter every day in all departments! If I don’t deal with them, they pile up & I burn out. What has helped me the most is therapy. And then self-work of constantly regulating myself, talking to myself, challenging my thoughts & doing this over and over and over again. It is exhausting but definitely rewarding!”

Pranita’s daily routine is another thing that keeps her grounded. Her day starts with a shot of aloe vera juice and welcoming the sun into her home, followed by some yoga and silently sitting with her tea. Her work day starts by connecting with her team and delegating tasks and getting started on her to-do list. After a long day of work, she unwinds with a book or a TV show, dimming the lights in her room to softer, yellow lights to truly feel comfortable and at ease. 

Influences and inspirations

A lover of solitude and quiet, Pranita’s idea of a perfect vacation includes cuddling with animals and being around nature in silence. Without phones, adds the self-proclaimed cat-whisperer. She also loves following small business accounts, in her words, there’s something magical about watching them grow. “Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of @xxl.scrunchie. I also love watching @coolman_coffeedan's videos – they’re hilarious!”

Pranita Kocharekar | Amrutam | The Piko Shop

Of all the things that have shaped Pranita and her journey, she has been particularly inspired by her little self, whom she calls Little P. 

“The 3 qualities that I love about Little P are that she was very patient, she loved herself more than anything in the world, which was admirable & she was very resilient. Ten years down the lines, I will be nostalgic about how hard I tried. I am always trying to live a life to make my past and future self proud!”

Pranita's message

Pranita has been an invaluable member of #AmrutamFamily for many years now. She was one of the first few creators who put her faith in Amrutam when we were still a very small business. In her concluding remarks, she highly recommends you try the Kuntal Care Hair Spa which she calls ‘The OG Goodness’. With numerous successful collaborations over the years, she has continued to support us and we are beyond grateful to have her as part of our #AmrutamFamily! 


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