Amrutam Sadasya Membership

Dear #AmrutamFamily member,

We are about to complete the first year of #AmrutamSadaya Membership and trust us, we have never been more proud and elated than we are today.

As we complete the first year of the #AmrutamSadasya Membership, we want to thank each of you as this project would not have been possible without all of you and your continuous support and love.

A BIG BIG thank you to the first year #AmrutamSadasya's who have always been very kind and patient with us and have offered such great feedback for every monthly recipe we have sent.

As we will soon be entering into the second year of the #AmrutamSadasya Membership, we want to revisit our roots and emphasize why we started this project.

At Amrutam, we have been continuously working to spread Ayurveda as a lifestyle all around the world and make it more accessible. Keeping the same in mind, along with the old offerings we will be adding a lot of exciting features to the membership this year.

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What does #AmrutamSadasya Membership offer?

⭐ a gift from Team Amrutam every month

⭐ free delivery on all orders | irrespective of the amount

⭐ free monthly consultation with an Ayurvedic expert from Amrutam.Global

⭐ exclusive Amrutam Merchandise - T-Shirts, Mugs, Bags, Planners - only for Sadasyas

⭐ a birthday gift from Team Amrutam

⭐ wallet points for each Amrutam recipe you review on or on the Amrutam App

⭐ exclusive offers specially curated for #AmrutamSadasyas

⭐ early access to new Amrutam recipes

⭐ opportunity to get featured on our social media page

⭐ participate in early feedback and trial processes for new recipes

How to register for the Amrutam Sadasya Membership?

The Amrutam Sadasya Membership will be opened in phases

Phase I - For Old Sadasyas
First Year Sadasyas can renew their membership at INR 8200 till 10th March 2021
[Registrations for Phase I are closed now]

Phase II - Early Bird Registration - INR 9500
New Applicants can avail of the membership at INR 9500 till 15th March
[Registrations for Phase II are closed now]

Phase III - INR 13500
New Applicants can avail of the membership at INR 13500 till 25th March in Phase III

[Registrations for Phase III are closed now]

Phase IV - Last Call - INR 15500

New Applicants can avail of the membership at INR 15500 till 31st March in Phase IV - Last Call

[Registrations for Phase IV are closed now]


a. the Amrutam Sadasya Membership is non-cancellable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable
b. the monthly ayurvedic consultations are exhaustive and cannot be carried forward i.e.
if you miss out on your consultation in the month of April, it won't be carried forward to next month
c. Amrutam Sadasya Membership is only for individuals residing in


Talk to an Ayurvedic Expert!

Imbalances are unique to each person and require customised treatment plans to curb the issue from the root cause fully. We recommend consulting our Ayurveda Doctors at Amrutam.Global who take a collaborative approach to work on your health and wellness with specialised treatment options. Book your consultation at today.

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