Are you having trouble sleeping? Learn six reasons with Amrutam which make it difficult for you to fall asleep

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It is past 10 PM and yet it is difficult for you to shut your eyes and sleep with sweet dreams. Sleep troubles are common amongst majority of us, because of our mismanaged schedules. It can be a troublesome situation, causing a lot annoyance and anxiety. You want to sleep but cannot. Sometimes being a night-owl, is not what we wish to be. You might have your assignment to submit tomorrow, your presentation for office or you have to make breakfast`s for your son. Whatever it is that you need to wake up to; improper sleep can affect your health severely.


An unhappy night`s sleep is equivalent to an unhappy day.

What are the most common reasons which keep you awake at night?

Let`s learn with Amrutam:

  • Stress
    Stress has become a very common factor in our lives today, we are stressed about money, social media, relationships, career and list is endless. There are heavier things which occupy our minds, making it difficult to fall asleep and hence, we throw our anchors to social media, emails and just anything to occupy our minds to rescue ourselves from the anxiety which is caused by our inability to fall asleep on time. While it is not entirely possible to leave all your worries on the shelf and jump to your bed for a good night`s sleep, it is necessary for us to unwind and let go. Ayurveda Practitioners suggests that meditating before you go off to sleep can help you unwind your thoughts and make it easier for you to fall asleep and cuddle with your dreams. Alternatively, you can take a spoonful of Brainkey Gold every night before bed – an ancient traditional ayurvedic recipe to keep anxiety away from you.
  • Depression
    Research suggests that those suffering from insomnia have ten times higher the risk of developing depression. Depression, according to NIHMS, is a mood disorder characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness. An imbalance in hormones like Serotonin is responsible for mood, sleep and appetite. Two spoons of Brainkey Gold every day can help you balance hormones responsible for mood, emotions, sleep and appetite.

  • Caffeine
    Caffeine stays for a very long time in our body. One research study has concluded that if you consume caffeine six hours before bedtime than your overall sleep time is reduced by an hour. National Sleep Foundation also suggests that caffeine makes you dependent on it and is highly addictive. It is also capable of causing insomnia, headaches, nervousness and dizziness.
    Cut off Caffeine from your diet and substitute it with Brainkey Gold, ancient traditional ayurvedic malt with zero side effects, to keep your mind healthy.
  • Improper Meal Timings
    Remember, how we talked about the importance of a healthy routine in our lives? A Dincharya - routine which is synchronized with nature is very important for our life. Eating our meals on time ensures maintaining the natural hormonal rhythm of our body. Skipping breaktfast can have a negative impact on our Cholesterol levels and also on our sleep. So, make sure you lovely one that you do not skip your breakfast and other meals from now on.
  • Inconsistent Sleep Schedule
    An inconsistent sleep schedule can be a major trouble for you. If you are sleeping sometimes at sunrise and on some days if you are on bed snoozing by 7 PM, it can get confusing for your body to understand your sleep pattern and especially for your hormones. It is essential and healthy for your body to maintain a sleeping pattern and be consistent with it. You should not comprise with your sleep and meals, after all.
  • Alcohol
    Alcohol might make you feel light headed and relaxed, this effect is caused because breaking down alcohol for digestion makes it difficult for our liver to control our blood-sugar levels. Beyond a recommended amount of liquor can cause us to sleep for extra long hours and then, we all know the painful hangovers the next day. Doctors suggest that you should avoid drinking all together, till the time your sleep schedule has been normalized.

The above six causes are the most common causes which can trouble your sleep.

Sleeping is a very important activity for our body and mind, as it is during our sleep time that our body heals its damaged cells, recovers from our day`s activities and recharge our heart and cardiovascular system for the next day`s activities.
Brainkey Gold can help you a great deal with your sleep, as it is an ancient traditional ayurvedic recipe which helps in protecting your mind from stress and worry- two major causes for having improper sleep.

Here are some natural Amrutam sleep remedies which can aid your quality of sleep and help you sleep on time:

  • Put your Phone away
    This one is not as easy as it sounds. In the twenty first century, we have gotten hooked to our cell phones and now, nomophobia is real. Nomophobia is an irrational fear to be unable to live with your mobile phone. You will have to beat nomophobia to get better sleep, just put your phone away and let yourself dwell into sweet thoughts.
  • Drink Milk with Honey
    Ayurveda experts say that drinking milk with honey helps you put your mind at relax and therefore, help you in sleeping. So just before bedtime, take a glass of warm milk, add a table spoon of honey to it and sip it to walk to your land of dreams.
  • Get yourself tired
    If you have gotten used to a desk job, home-work and repeat, then it is possible that your body does not gets tired. If your body is not tired, it would be naturally difficult for you to fall asleep. Exercising regularly has a multitude of benefits attached along with it. Along with helping you sleep peacefully.

The above three remedies work real well to improve your quality of sleep and help you fall asleep as well. Along with these simple remedies, Brainkey Gold Malt will protect you from worry and stress. Order your Brainkey Gold now, no shipping charges. 

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