Does pain sneak in your blanket during winters, along with you? Aching muscles, joint pain, lower back pain and sometimes it gets in your chest.

When our bodies get cold, during winters the blood supply to our feet and hands is reduced. Our body then focuses on supplying blood to more essential organs like the heart and the lungs. Thereby, our joints are getting lesser blood than on usual days. The lack of blood supply can be painful.

The Joint Pain might be there because of cartilage which is supposed to cushion our joints gets wasted away as we grow old and hence, the awful pain.

Hey, you- there is a way to deal with this pain.

Firstly, let us all make a very important note for ourselves- the pain that we feel is a protective mechanism of our body.

Now, here are a 4 Amrutam Hacks to deal with Body Ache of any sorts:

#1. Exercise- Don`t be Grizzly Bear

It is nice and lovely, to snuggle inside your blankets- especially, during the cold days.
Just have your meals and be cozy with your warm blankets.

You have to say a BIG LOUD NO! to your comfort sometimes because it is important that keep ourselves active.
A small walk or a run, any exercise will keep your joints flexible and supple.
Dear, always remember- “Prevention is better than cure” and regular exercise can help you avoid pain to a great extent.
Alternatively, try Amrutam Orthokey Gold Malt– a key remedy for Orthopedic Management.

#2. Wear Layers

If the wind around you is very cold, then make sure you wear layers of clothing instead of just one fat jacket.  Yes, you get it right. This is what we all studied in our school science textbooks.
By wearing multiple layers of clothing, we enable ourselves to trap the air in between those layers and air is a poor conductor of heat; it prevents loss of heat from our bodies.

#3. Improved Digestion Strength

Ayurvedic Doctors suggest that during winters, our digestive power is high and we are capable of digesting heavier food and in larger quantities. During Winters, it is also advised to consume foods which have contain Vitamin D- lack of sunlight is not good for our health.
Eggs, Mushroom, Dairy Products, Orange Juice and Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin D.

You can also use Amrutam Zeo Malt– for improving your digestive strength.
#4. Orthokey Oil Massage

Winters worsen our body pain, as Vatta increases during winters which in turn increase the pain. An Orthokey oil massage will get the blood flowing throughout your body and also help in moisturizing the dry skin.
Orthokey Oil Massages are highly recommended, as they will help the muscles to relax the muscles and relieve pain.

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