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Learning about various fabulous people, lords and gods and yogis associated with Ayurveda and Yoga.

In the past few weeks, we have talked about Acharya Charaka, Sushruta, Lord Dhanwantri and Sage Bharadwaja. These four names are the ancient gods or rishis associated with the field of Ayurveda.
Acharya Charaka`s prominent work Charaka Samhita in Sanskrit was written sometime between 100 BCE and 200 CE, the Compendium of Charaka is still referred to learn about Ayurvedic medicine.
Sushruta Samhita, as well, is referred till date to learn about Surgery and Ayurveda.

Today, let us learn 4 Amrutam Interesting facts about Sage Kashyapa:

Sage Kashyapa is one the ancient rishis who authored the treatise on Ayurveda is known as Kashyap Samhita.

#1 Saptrishi 

Sage Kashyapa along with Sage Bharadwaja, is one of Saptrishis- the seven great Maharishis. Interestingly, these Maharishis keep changing with every Yuga. In Hinduism, Yuga is an era within a four age cycle. There are four Yugas- Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and Kaliyuga!
Well, surely you would have heard the fourth one.
“Bas yehi dekhna baki tha! Kaliyuga aa gaya hai! “
At present, the Kaliyuga is going on which started after the Mahabharata.

#2 Kashmir

According to  Christopher Snedden, an Australian Political Scientist- the name of the state of Kashmir comes from the Sage Kashyapa. The word mir means peace and tranquillity and thereby, the word Kashmir- Kashayapa Mir- the sacred mountains of Kashyapa.

#3 Kashyapa Samhita

Also known as Vriddha Jivakiya Tantra is a treatise on Ayurveda about Sage Kashyapa`s teachings as documented by his disciple. Vriddha Jivakiya Tantra contains twenty chapters. The Vriddha Jivakiya Tantra or Sage Kashyap`s Samhita is associated with Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology. These three fields of medicine are associated with children and childbirth.Also, Kashyapa Samhita is part of the curriculum in Ayurvedic schools to teach Kaumarabhritya Balaroga- Pediatrics.

#4 Brahma`s Son

Brahma is the creator, according to Hindu mythology Sage Kashyapa is considered as Brahma`s son, a manasputra. Manasputra is a Sanskrit word which means mind-born son. Lord Brahma created ten manasputra`s who are also known as Prajapati`s. There is another story, however, which claims that Kashyapa is not the son of Brahma but grandson and son of Marich who is the actual manasputra of Brahma.


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