4 Amrutam Reasons Why You Should Ring the Bells

The clattering of temple bells, in every corner of your streets- is it a nuisance for you?

Ringing the temple bells has been considered an auspicious practice since ancient times.

We have 5 Amrutam reasons why these temple bells should not be a nuisance for you.

#1 The Aum Effect

The temple bells are made in such a manner that they produce an Aum sound effect in long strains through the vibrations generated by ringing the bell. The Aum effect of ringing the bells is similar to the effect which chanting of AUM has on our body.

The chanting of AUM mantra activates our stomach, spinal cord, throat, nasal and brain regions. In our bodies, energy flows from bottom to top i.e. from the abdomen to the brain. The ringing of bell activates and channelizes this energy in the spinal cord and brain.

According to various scientific studies, it is proposed that chanting of the three syllable Aum mantra can improve concentration and have a calming effect on` the mind.

#2 The Unison

It is said that ringing of bells can have an effect which results in the union of left and right part of the brain. Our brains are designed in a manner that the right side is more of the creative side while the left side is the logical side. The synchronization of the left and right side can happen through various ways like meditation,  Aum chanting etc.

Amongst all of these ways to synchronize the left and right side of our brains, the ringing of bells has functioned as an auspicious ritual since ancient times.

#3 The Zen Effect

The Zen philosophy of emptying your cup has been quite popular worldwide, interestingly the temple bells we ring have a similar working. The bells which are made precisely out of a defined proportion of metals like Magnesium, Zinc, Nickel, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Chromium, Manganese etc produce a sound effect which helps us release all our thoughts and activates all the seven chakras in our body. A bell which has been made with the right combination of metals have an echo effect which lasts for a minimum of seven seconds.

#4 The Bells Unite Us

Generally, it is said that all gods are one and all religions are ways of living. Similarly, the cultural practices and objects which have used in various ceremonies are often similar. The Bell is one such example, which is found in many religions- be it Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism or Hinduism.


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