Some days are difficult, are they not?

You will get angry, you might have a deadline that evening and everything might seem to be running into a more chaotic scheme of things.

Here are 4 Amrutam ways to relax your mind:

#1 Massage

There is nothing like a good head massage, especially when you are stressed. Take some time off your schedule and get in your comfy clothes.
Because sometimes, a massage can soothe a lot of things.
Use Amrutam Kuntal Care oil for a rejuvenating Hair massage.

#2 Pamper yourself

Often, we deliberately choose to neglect our own selves. The burden of our responsibilities keeps making us run in the rat-race. And, in this rat-race we forget to take care of ourselves, to take care of our body, mind and spirit. There exists a very strong relation between our personal health and our responsibilities. It is only when you choose to take care of yourself that you will be able to take care of your responsibilities.
Wondering what could be the step one in this journey of self-care?
Try Amrutam Herbal Ubtan– A Do-It –Yourself Herbal treatment for your health and beauty

#3 Go for Walk

Put on your warm socks, wear your footwear and just go for a walk. Walk into the quite allies or may be the noisy ones, whichever pleases you. Walk and watch the buzzing chaos of thoughts in your mind pass by.
Walking is a very healthy exercise for all body types, so if you fail to wake up early for your morning run. It`s fine. Just go for walk.
In winters, it is a common scenario that our bones and muscles start paining. Your knees will whisper for help and also your calf muscles. Do not worry, just try Amrutam Orthokey Gold Malt– A key Remedy for Orthopedic Management. Very useful in joint and back pain.

You can also try Amrutam Orthokey Oil, it will help you deal with all kinds of body pain/ache.

#4 Eat the food you love

Have you been too conscious of the food you have been eating lately?
Well, that can be very stressful. And, if food has been your been first love forever then, it can be even more stressful.
Give yourself a cheat day. It is okay to let yourself a little loose sometimes. Eat the kind of food you like. Gol Gappas or Misal Pav, whatever you love.

In case you are worried about your stomach.

We have a simple remedy for you to enhance your digestion power. Use Amrutam Zeo Malt– it enhances digestion and treats constipation.  One or two spoons, twice a day with milk or water and your stomach will be happy.

Merry Christmas you all!!

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