5 Amrutam Interesting Facts about Sage Bharadwaja

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Bharadwaja, the ancient Rishi has been referred in Charaka Samhita as well.

A renowned scholar, and economist- Rishi Bharadwaja, has been known as the first man to have studied medical science and Sage Bharadwaja was a teacher as well. 

#1 Saptrishi

Saptrishi or the seven sages are the seven Rishis who have been praised enthusiastically in the Vedas.

The Big Dipper Constellation, or in Hindu Mythology the Saprishi constellation are referred to the seven sages. Sage Bharadwaja is one amongst these seven great rishis.

#2  The Bhardwaja Gotra

Gotra means a clan, in the Hindu society and is a major factor while fixing arrange marriages. A Gotra is a group of people/ clan of people who are descendants from a common patrilineage.

Rishi Bharadvaja Bṛhaspatya is known to have constructed the Bhardwaja Gotra. The Bhradwaja Gotra is known to have the warrior-like characteristics because of their ancestor Bharadwaja, who married a Kshatriya- Susheela, from the warrior clan.

#3 Father of Rishi Dronacharya

Rishi Bhardwaja was the father of Guru Dronacharya. Rishi Bharadwaja`s son, Rishi Dronacharya was the famous teacher to the Kaurava and Pandavas, as told in the great Hindu epic- Mahabharata.

#4 Droncharya- the mystical Rishi 

The story behind the birth of Rishi Bharadwaja`s son is mystical.

One morning Rishi Bharadwaja went to for a bath to the bank of river Ganges and there he found Ghritachi, attracted by the beauty of the lady he was overcome by desire. Through this desire, the great rishi to Arjuna- Rishi Dronacharya was born out from a vessel without a female egg.

#5 Three Lives for Three Vedas

Sage Bharadwaja through his meditation was granted three lives by Lord Indra to study the three Vedas- Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda.

Rishi Bharadwaja wanted to learn the three Vedas and therefore, he asked Lord Indra for three lives of hundred years to each to study the Vedas. However, despite the three lives, Rishi Bharadwaja could not learn the three Vedas and then also asked for a fourth life to studying the Vedas.


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