5 Reasons to Have Kuntal Care Malt Now

Hair fall is caused by various external and internal factors such as pollution, rising temperatures, stress, and mineral deficiencies. It is also said to be a result of vata or pitta dosha imbalance. You are doing your best juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, but it is equally important to take good care of your tresses as well. And, let your hair down once a while.

While the number of hair strands on the floor or on the comb may look depressing, there’s nothing that Ayurveda cannot cure. One of the magical potions that can effectively solve the hair fall problem at its root level is called Kuntal Care Malt. This medicinal, self-help remedy is made using Bhringaraj, Sariva, Jatamansi, Dhatri Loh, and Chandi Bhasm.

Here why you should use consume it daily:

  1. For better hair growth and health

    Jatamansi is a key ingredient used to prepare our Kuntal Care Malt. This medicinal herb is useful for treating mental conditions such as anxiety and stress. It also helps calms the nervous system. This has a positive impact on your scalp and hair, leading to healthier scalp and hair growth.



  1. To stop hair loss and shedding

    Dhatri Loh is a potent Ayurvedic herb that is also used in formulating the Malt. It is a rich source of iron. Research suggests that hair loss could be because of iron deficiency or Anemia in the body. Therefore, having Kuntal Care Malt can improve the iron level and prevent hair loss and shedding.

  1. To nourish hair follicles

    Bhringraj is an essential Ayurvedic ingredient that forms a part of Kuntal Care Malt. It stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, thereby fostering your hair follicles. Bhringraj also addresses dandruff and scalp irritation that impair the strength of the follicles. Hence, the Malt promotes healthy scalp and hair.

  2. To purify the blood that reaches the scalp

    Sariva is a great herb that is used while preparing this Ayurvedic formulation. It helps to clean the body inside out. The herb is a wonderful and natural blood purifier. Sariva also has cooling properties. Therefore, as a part of the Malt, it helps you to get silky and healthy hair.



  1. For better blood circulation to the scalp

    Chandi Bhasma is an important ingredient of our Malt. Made with calcified silver particles, that is governed by the planet moon, the Ayurvedic ash rejuvenates the mind and nerves. It also helps improve the blood circulation to the scalp. Hence, ingesting the Malt is essential for your hair care.

Seasonal hair fall is pardonable. But if you are experiencing excessive hair fall, you should have Kuntal Care Malt which is a natural therapy for preventing hair loss. Ideally, you should consume it for at least three months to see results. Include it in your herbal tea or spread it over bread or chapati as jam. There’s always a reason to not tear your hair out!



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