Myths and Facts related to Yoga

Myths and Facts related to Yoga

Yoga is something we all have heard of, seen happening, and even tried to do ourselves; some of us excelled, some of us gave up in the first month and some of us just did not like it. What if I told you yoga is more about our mental strength than our physical strength? What if I told you anyone, you and I, anyone and everyone, could excel at yoga very quickly? Only 7% of Indians practice yoga regularly, a majority of the reason for such a low percentage being the myths we conceive of yoga.

Let’s dive right in and demystify some myths and facts about yoga.

●  Yoga is only for people who are flexible/ born in a specific way

One of the most common ideologies we carry about Yoga is that it is only meant for skinny or flexible people. On the contrary, it is to make people flexible, to help people gather a flexible body type, and help us unlock and discover things about our body even we didn't know existed or were ever experienced. When we start yoga, we might struggle at first at basically everything, but to be better is to be consistent at practicing yoga. You will be able to see results sooner than you think. 

●  Yoga is all about your physical strength

Yoga is considered to be solely dependent on your physical strength, a myth that needs to be debunked. Mental strength is a crucial part when it comes to doing yoga.

To get your body moving we need motivation and to do that every day, we need consistency which takes a lot of mental determination than just mere physical strength. Yoga is all about body and soul but at the same time, it requires physical and mental awareness to bring out the best in us.

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●  Time is money

Living in a money-minded world has made us all forget about our well-being. People have started to invest only in organic consumption of food but what they forget is exercising, eating, and popping vitamin pills won't suffice our wellbeing. Our body needs movement which can be achieved through yoga or just a walk outside to tune in with nature. Nature has its way of healing and incorporating yoga will solve half of your problems. 

Taking out time for your health will be beneficial in the long run. Invest more into your health than money!

●  Yoga is not a religion

Yoga being discovered in India, some people associate it with a Hindu thing even though India is a secular country and yoga has never been about religion. Yoga is a true combination of body, mind, and soul, practicing it with prejudices will hinder the connection you are trying to seek with yourself. 

●  Yoga is anti-aging 

In today's world stress is what brings us closer to our deathbed but when you practice yoga your blood circulation increases, blood pressure drops, strengthens your spine, and many more things, in all it calms you down and decreases your stress levels.

Being discovered 5000 years ago, yoga has done wonders for many people and helped them discover a path of peace and calmness. It helps you connect with yourself forgetting worldly troubles. The journey of practicing yoga will bring you joy and difficulties but being consistent will slowly ease the pain and you will love and appreciate your body and mind a little more.

Let's preserve this gift from our ancestors and enjoy its knowledge to its fullest to live a healthy and happy life.