Quick ways to tackle morning fatigue.

Quick ways to tackle morning fatigue.

A healthy start to your day can make or break your motivation, which is why it is essential to incorporate healthy habits into your morning routine.

One thing most of us face in the morning is morning fatigue. Everybody likes to get tucked in a blanket and sleep till they get tired of sleeping, but after sleeping for so long, we expect to feel fresh and active, but instead, in reality, our body feels tired and lethargic. 

Here are 4 ways in which you can go from tired to fired up.

Say no to snoozing

We have all been prey to the tempting snooze button on our phones. The urge to get that 10 mins more sleep has not spared any of us, but the question arises if that extra sleep is productive or helping us get that extra rest. The sleep after hitting the snooze button is also associated with disrupted sleep which makes a person more groggy and irritated debunking the delusion we are in that we have had extra 10 mins of rest.

To break this wheel of self-sabotage we can incorporate sleep hygiene which includes :

No screen time one hour before going to bed.

● Having a fixed time to go to bed and waking up the next morning.

● Exercising every day at least for 25 mins.

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No Stress with more Stretch

Morning stretches are as important as morning social media scrolls though the latter will overwhelm you, the first one will wake you up and make you more energetic.  A jog, brisk walk, or yoga will be great to get your body moving but if you don't have time, a quick drop squat, sideways stretch or star jumps will do the trick as well. Remember that in the beginning, it will be tiring but eventually, you will get the hang of it. Just don't give up!

Make a cool move 

Cold water can improve our immune system and increase blood circulation. As the body temperature changes the blood flow increases to warm the organs to keep them safe. Cold water works as a shock factor for our body to give it a wake-up call. When the temperature goes down our body brings in fresh oxygenated blood which revives our sluggish morning.

Food that won't make you gloom

Consuming warm food made by our mom/dad with love for breakfast has the power to cure us. But some small snacks are effective to give you that morning boost and can be consumed if you don't have the time to have your breakfast.

● Almonds have a high level of protein and fats which is essential to give you that start for the day.

● A ripe banana can give you as much energy as a sugary snack in the morning. Bananas are packed with fiber and potassium helping you go that extra mile in the workspace. Moreover, who doesn't love fruits in the morning, so get them in your diet!

● Instead of reaching out for caffeine and sugar, try consuming dates, they are one of the most effective energy boosters and easy to digest.

● Chawanprash is also something you can add to your day. It is all that you need to give you that energy kick in the morning that is needed, it rejuvenates your body, enhances metabolism, and improves digestion. 

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Small habits can make a huge impact on our day-to-day life. It is important to start treating our body as a temple and work towards what suits it the best. Consistency and determination to improve are the keys so why not start from today to lead a happy and healthy life?