The Amrutam Family Review Project

It's has been more than three years that the Amrutam Family embarked on its journey as an Ayurvedic lifestyle brand and community for Ayurveda, Yoga and natural living enthusiasts.

Since the very beginning days, our team and core community family members have always believed in the healing power of nature and magic of Ayurveda. And in this journey, your support and love have continuously helped us grow further as a community, and as a family.

To make the Amrutam community, more engaging and strong as a family, our team has recently worked on a project which important for all the Amrutam Family members: The Amrutam Family - Review Project.

Every review you share on our e-store -, will help us serve you better and also, help other Amrutam Family members choose the right Amrutam Ayurvedic recipes for themselves.

We urge you today, to take out two minutes of your time and review an Amrutam recipe which you have used recently.


With every review you share on our e-store-, win upto 100 review points in your Amrutam Wallet. Go, hurryyy! Share your review now!

You can also share Video review with us to get featured on our community page  and win upto 300 video review points in your Amrutam Wallet. What are you waiting for?

Submit your video review now!

Thank you for being a part of Amrutam Family!


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