The Evil Eye - Myth or the Truth?

“Nazar lag jayegi” is a very common statement in the Indian Household. The nazar here, is the evil eye which is considered as a negative energy which could harm you.

It is the gaze of an evil eye and henceforth, it is believed and considered important to keep yourself away from the gaze of the evil and also protect yourself from it.

Well, yes, your inquisitiveness behind the logic of the phenomenon of the evil eye is correct.

Is the evil eye a myth, a superstition or a reality?

Here  are a few Amrutam interesting facts about the evil eye:

Negative Energy

“The best way to understand the concept of the evil eye is to accept the idea of auras. All human beings have an aura around them, known as the subtle body. It is a kind of energy shield emerging from our physical and mental health status. A beautiful or healthy object has a positive aura, which is why looking at them makes us happy; they energize us. An ugly or unhealthy object has a negative aura, which is why looking at them makes us unhappy; they sap us of energy. It is possible to draw energy from positive aura objects and lose energy to negative aura objects.”

The above lines are quoted from Devdutt Pattnaik`s article. His explanation about the evil eye holds much meaning and significance, even when viewed under the larger understanding of Ayurvedic theories. According to Ayurveda as well, there are three energies which govern the universe.

The Evil Eye is present Worldwide

If you are thinking that an evil eye is an Indian phenomenon.

Let us tell you that, it is not. The idea of an evil eye and the negative energy associated with it is prominent not just in India, but worldwide.

In Irish mythology, the evil of the giant Balor is very popular. Balor was the Fomorians king. The neighbor`s jealousy also known as the evil is known as a hex or curse in Irish Culture.

The Egyptian eye of Horus, personified in the form of goddess Wadjet is considered as a way of protection and is a symbol of good health.

We cannot say for sure if the evil eye is just a myth or superstition. However, the idea of negative energies affecting us is true and to balance our doshas, our energies it is important to take care of our mind, body, and spirit.


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