Finding solace in harmony - Last Week at Amrutam, 05.07.2021

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Here's a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Pride Month is over, but we need to keep reminding ourselves of the important of being vocal and creating awareness about the same. Here are some facts that will help you understand the gravity of experiences people go through on the daily and why it is crucial that we come together to extend our support!
  • Did you know that as per Ayurveda, dandruff is the prime cause of hair fall? A condition marked by flakes of dry skin on the scalp – it is something we all struggle with from time to time. Reetha is a medicinal plant that helps control dandruff and promotes hair growth due to its Tridosha balancing property. And the best part? We grow it in our very own Amrutam Vatika! Learn more here.
  • The commonly used contraceptive pill contains a synthetic hormone called levonorgestrel in a high dose which prevents the release of the eggs from the ovary. A high dose of this hormone can disrupt the normal menstrual cycle and cause irregularity and pains. The truth is, this pill can terribly hurt the health of your body which is why we recommend moving to holistic solutions. Book a video consultation with our doctors at Amrutam.Global today!
  • It is a lesser-known fact that Tansen, one of Akbar’s nine gems belonged to Gwalior. And there are myriad other reasons as to why Gwalior is known for Indian Classical Music! At Amrutam, we are thrilled to be taking you on this journey of rediscovering classical music and local talent through our project - #AmrutamRajaProject. Tap on to read more.
  • Ankur Dharkar is a left-handed violist from Gwalior who comes from a long line of prolific musicians. He has gone on to perform at multiple prestigious events and shows and currently works as an assistant lecturer at Government Madhav Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Gwalior. Check out his music here!

A quote we like

“People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help.” – Glennon Doyle

New launches

Amrutam recognitions

  • We are so happy to share with you that Amrutam was featured in this edition of Man’s World India. The feature read the following:
  • “Infused with the goodness of Brahmi, Balcchad and Shankhpushpi, Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Hair Spa comes with hemp that brings in soothing properties. It gently nourishes the scalp, strengthens the hair from its roots, prevents dryness and itchiness, and improve the sleeping cycle.”
  • Thank you for all the love and support you continue to shower on us! We are supremely grateful. 😊

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • How to Keep Your Silky Locks Healthy During Summers?
  • Throughout the summer, two things are constants – sunshine & sweat. These are the ones that damage your scalp and healthy, bouncy, shiny tresses. The heat can damage our scalp and hair just as the skin. So, just as we protect our skin from the sun, we need to protect and take good care of our locks as well. Another activity which people are fond of during summers is swimming, that too damages your hair. Therefore, chlorinated pool water, overexposure to the sun, sweat damages your hair.
  • The Benefits of Ayurvedic Hair Care
  • Many of the chemicals found in conventional shampoo are likely to increase the heat in the scalp also. As the ingredients are not natural, the body may approach them in an almost attacking fashion, which involves a fight, which means heat is generated in order for that to happen.

An Amrutam Expert’s tip on health and wellness

  • This week we have our expert from Amrutam.Global Dr. Deepa Godara sharing her special tips on improving overall health and wellbeing!
  • “The best skincare routine involves maintaining hydration, drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthy and living well.”
  • If you are looking for a holistic solution for your overall health and wellness, look no further! Book a consultation with Dr. Deepa Godara on Amrutam.Global today.

That's all for this week at Amrutam!


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Amrutam Face Clean Up Reviews

Currently on my second bottle and happy with how this product has kept acne & breakouts in check. It doesn't leave the skin too dry and also doubles as a face mask.

Juhi Bhatt

Amrutam face clean up works great on any skin type, it has helped me keep my skin inflammation in check, helps with acne and clear the open pores. Continuous usage has helped lighten the pigmentation and scars as well. I have recommended the face clean up to many people and they have all loved it!!

Sakshi Dobhal

This really changed the game of how to maintain skin soft supple and glowing! I’m using it since few weeks and see hell lot of difference in the skin I had before and now. I don’t need any makeup or foundation to cover my skin imperfections since now they are slowly fading away after I started using this! I would say this product doesn’t need any kind of review because it’s above par than expected. It’s a blind buy honestly . I’m looking forward to buy more products and repeat this regularly henceforth.

Shruthu Nayak

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