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  • Summer is the season of Ber or Jujube Fruits and we have all had memories of savouring those during our childhoods. But did you know that Ber is a hub of many, many minerals and vitamins? Known to have anti-cancerous properties, Jujube fruits also help in getting rid of the fat that was accumulated during the winters. Tap on the learn the benefits of Ber!
  • Just when you thought it is time to say goodbye to the delicacies of Spring, here we are reminding you of these fabulous Amrutam Gourmet Recipes you need to try out this #PittaSeason!
  • As kids, many of us had the pleasure of undergoing massages by our mothers and grandmothers, but sadly this tradition seems to have lost its charm. Apart from the sentimental values attached to the process of massaging a baby’s body, there are multiple benefits of doing Abhyanga on a baby. Check them out here.
  • Did you know that under #AmrutamReview project you get wallet points for sharing thoughtful reviews of Amrutam Recipes on the website? Go check it out now!

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  • “The bad news is you can’t always control what goes on outside of you. The good news is: you can always control what goes on inside. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that.”

New launches

  • Baby Care Massage Oil is a unique ayurvedic formulation for strengthening the bones and muscles while simultaneously hydrating the baby’s skin.
  • This recipe is enriched with potent herbs and oils like Jaitun, Deodar and Chandanbala Laxadi Oil that improve skin health and help the baby relax and sleep well. Check out the numerous benefits of doing Abhyanga on your baby’s body here.

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Articles you might enjoy reading

  • Rediscovering Ayurveda x Dr. Aiswarya Santhosh
  • When we look back on our older generations, we realize how they were devoid of any lifestyle diseases. Aiswarya decided to dig deeper into it and realized that their day-to-day habits included Ayurvedic practices of Dinacharya(daily regimen) and Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) which promoted a healthier and longer life. This inspired Aiswarya and she decided to adopt the authentic Ayurvedic lifestyle. “The main change I observed after implementing Ayurveda and Yoga was that the normal agni (digestive fire) of my body was restored and my food habits were helping me detoxify the body,” she recalls.
  • Amrutam Nari x Rohini Kejriwal
  • Blessed with a drive which she likes to call an inherent curiosity to know how people’s brains work’, Rohini decided to share the art that she had been saving and collecting. An impulsive decision founded on the ground of giving cohesiveness to her love for art and culture. Soshe took to Gmail and started sending out daily newsletters to people. There would be a few poems, links to songs she was listening to, and a few artworks. What started as a close-knit community of a handful of individuals soon crossed 500 and that’s when Rohini moved to TinyLetter – a newsletter platform. Today, The Alipore Post is a robust community of about 28,000 people on Instagram & 3000+ on the newsletter!

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