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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Aiswarya Santhosh.

Meet Aiswarya Santhosh

Aiswarya Santhosh is a student of Ayurveda from Kerala who grew up in a house that believed in the power of ancient sciences. While she had always been inclined towards leading an organic lifestyle, she truly found her passion for Ayurveda during her teenage which led her to pursue her higher education in Ayurvedic Medicine.

“Ever since I was young, I was presented with the opportunities to participate in Yoga competitions on state and national levels,” says Aiswarya. And when it was time for her to make a decision for her higher studies, she knew it was Ayurveda that had her heart. Upon getting into the first year of her college, a sudden revelation dawned upon her: most of her morning and evening routines weren’t just a habit but part of Ayurvedic Dinacharya! This simple realization led her to understand that Ayurveda as a lifestyle had always been very integral to Indian households but we simply never put a name to it because it seemed natural to us.

“In a world of immense stress, Yoga helps me stay relaxed, Pranayama helps me in controlling breathing difficulties and meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety!”

The Magic of Results

When we look back on our older generations, we realize how they were devoid of any lifestyle diseases. Aiswarya decided to dig deeper into it and realized that their day to day habits included Ayurvedic practices of Dinacharya (daily regimen) and Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) which promoted a healthier and longer life. This inspired Aiswarya and she decided to adopt the authentic Ayurvedic lifestyle. “The main change I observed after implementing Ayurveda and Yoga was that the normal agni (digestive fire) of my body was restored and my food habits were helping me detoxify the body,” she recalls.

We ask Aiswarya what keeps her motivated and she promptly responds: “Results!” Certainly, the changes she has witnessed in her body, mind and outlook have motivated her to keep going because who doesn’t want a heathy body and happy mind! During her academic period, she also witnessed hemiplegic patients walk after undergoing Ayurvedic treatments!

“Being mindful of eating habits is very important. One should be conscious to have compatible food at regular timings only after the digestion of the previous meal. Also, regularly exercise and rid your body of toxins. Always try to have a peaceful mind because your mind radiates on your skin!”

Maintaining a routine

Aiswarya’s morning routine begins at Brahma-Muhurta wherein she practices Yoga for half an hour which includes Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, stretching, and relaxing. She then does Abhyanga (oil massage) followed by a bath. Then comes the exciting part of the day where she gets to visit IP wards and learn from teachers as well as patients. Her classes commence from thereon and after a long day of studying and learning, she visits the hospital ward once again to undertake case studies and provide moral support to patients. Later in the evening, she devotes at least an hour to study Samhitas which is followed by a light dinner and early retirement to bed. Her three favorite habits from the philosophy of Ayurveda are doing Yoga, sleeping on time, and indulging in mindful eating.

According to Aiswarya, while proper practice of Ayurveda provides equilibrium of Doshas, Yoga provides equilibrium of the physical body and mind. Yoga helps in the union of Sattva, Aatma and Indriya. And this can only be made possible on a healthy body where there is no Vegadharana, Ama and other diseases which can be attained by Ayurveda. “I use my Instagram page to create awareness about both Ayurveda and Yoga because it’s the easiest and more accessible tool for all!” she adds.

Aiswarya’s Message

“Today the world really needs to start following the basic principles of Yoga and Ayurveda! Because of the ongoing crisis, people are finally realizing the need to have a healthy body and strong immune system, and engaging in Dinacharya and Ritucharya will certainly help in achieving optimal health!”

Aiswarya is excited to try the Amrutam Kuntal Care range as she loves her long hair and believes this range can provide her with the best nourishment!

We are grateful to have Aiswarya as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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