Rediscovering Ayurveda with Shivangi Pathak

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Rediscovering Ayurveda is Amrutam's series of blogs which will include various men and women and their ideas about Ayurveda. Even though, India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, with passing time it has lost its original importance as a school of life amongst Indians and many a time have been limited to be referred as a school of medicine. Ayurveda is surely much more than that.

So, we at Amrutam decided to go out and find what Ayurveda means to people in the present day.
This is the ninth article in Amrutam’s series of articles called Rediscovering Ayurveda, which aims to understand the idea or perception that modern-day men and women carry about Ayurveda.


Shivangi is an ayurveda enthusiast from Gwalior and is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery.

Let's now read what Shivangi has to say about Ayurveda



Shivangi has an insightful idea about the meaning of Ayurveda. She says Ayurveda is a way to know oneself.
"Ayurved, also called as science of life,is a remarkable system of Indian medicine.
It is incredible gift of god in relation to human health.Origin of Ayurveda from lord Bhrama and further to different acharya/maharishis who took it to another level and still researches are going in this field to make it the top system of Medicine and treatment. Ayurveda is the subveda of atharvaved .It is made from combination of 2-words "ayu" meaning life, and "veda" meaning knowledge .So, its knowing about one's life.
The important granthas(books)of ayurved i.e. charak samhita, shushrut samhita, kashyap samhita, shadangdhar samhita, madhav nidaan contains the whole Ayurveda in the form of Sanskrit shloks which are beautifully authentic. If we see, Ayurveda is an embedded part of our daily life, Ayurveda starts from our kitchen,by our daadi's naani's domestic ideas(gharelu nuskhe). According to Ayurveda this body is made up of few principles:-

  1. Trigunas - satva,rajas,tamas
  2. Panchamahabhoot - akash (sky), vaayu (air), agni (fire), jal (water), prithvi (earth)
  3. Tridoshaas - vaata pitta kapha
  4. Saptadhatu (seven tissues) ras ~ minerals, rakta ~ blood, maans ~ muscles, meda ~ fat, asti ~ bones, majja ~ bonemarrow, shukra ~ seminal fluids
  5. Six padarths
  6. Agni and strotas
  7. Atma parmatma
  8. 24 elements
  9. Punarjanm(rebirth) and moksha.

Hence ,Ayurveda has an earthy Indian holy touch in its therapy with simplicity of nature and soothing effect of spirituality connecting us with god.In my few words Ayurveda's authenticity and herbal power makes us proud to have Ayurveda as #ourayurved.


Shivangi's journey with Ayurveda started right after her school days. Let's read about her journey in her words.
“It all started with the time when I was preparing for PMT, at the same time I also attempted the PAHUNT exam and I scored well and got selected for BAMS course.
As I couldn't clear PMT for mbbs, so I was little depressed in my starting days of graduation. As it was my dream from childhood to become a doctor, so I chose Ayurveda as my destiny to become a successful vaidhya,a doctor.
After entering an ayurvedic institute for my bachelors, I felt that this was what I was destined to, this is what will get me through all my questions, this is what can take me to the core of my heart. Its earthy Indian background, inclusion of Sanskrit in this course attracted me to push myself on a unique and different track which started becoming a part of my personality. Opting Sanskrit as my optional subject in school made this  journey easier. After giving my 4-years to Ayurveda, today I experience a positive change in myself as a human, a learner and a student of Ayurveda.


Instead of telling my healthy habits,let me first tell you, to whom does Ayurveda prefer to give the tag of healthy person

"संदोषः समाग्निश्च संधातु मलक्रिया।प्रसंनात्मइंद्रियमनः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते।। (सु.सू.१५)

means the person whose doshas, agni, dhatus all are in equal positions, mala's physiology is maintained regularly, the atma, indriya and mann are in happy and joyful position then that person is said to be healthy.
I know it's very difficult to make ourselves totally and perfectly fit but one should always try on his/her personal comfortable or uncomfortable ways to reach the boundary of perfection regarding health .
One of my healthy habits is that after wake up early in the morning I drink lukewarm water to detoxify my body.

I use laghu vaman kriya after I brush my teeth to vomit out the extra kapha dosh.
Abhyang (self massage) is another habit which I would suggest,as it decreases vaat dosh and relax the whole body .
Taking a spoon of chawaynaprash in the morning before l eat anything, works as rasayan for my body.


After waking up early in the morning remembrance of god makes me spiritually healthy, after that I drink 2 glasses of Luke warm water and complete the daily morning chores.
Then a 15 minutes of yoga fills me with positivism and enthusiasm.
Now comes the most important meal of the day-breakfast.
I would suggest you all to never skip breakfast.
Taking a heavy and healthy lunch is the another activity which can be added in your health routine.
At night I try to avoid heavy meals as digestion power slows down at night.
One can just take a glass of milk with 4 to 5 munakkas (big dried kishmish) and that's enough.
I take nasya(putting coconut oil in nostrils) to bring down vata dosh (as it hampers our sleep) .
#tip for healthy hair~
do not use different chemical products on a regular and  simultaneous basis, apply coconut oil in summers and mustard oil in winters, a day before you wash your hair and try to avoid perfumed oils and gels.


Ayurveda has its substratum laid in our incredible nation, India.
Firstly, every Indian should try to connect with the basic principles of Ayurveda as their identity.
Nowadays, after development of modern system of medicine and increased glamour, it becomes very important for people to know about Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is not just a way to cure and treat people's diseases but it also provides them an energetic, simple, and an optimistic approach towards living ones life
Students and teachers of Ayurveda field can organize free health check up, camps through NGO's or on a personal level.
Seminars, workshops for students, doctors and even for a common man would play a great role in spreading the awareness.
Social Media can be used as a means to create awareness regarding ayurveda, all those who are related to Ayurveda field should use this as a tool so that Ayurveda reaches the core of more and more minds in an innovative and acceptable way.
Counseling sessions can be organized in schools.
Also, a small and a basic part of Ayurveda should be made the part of curriculum.
We should make people aware about the dincharya and ritucharya mentioned in Ayurveda for healthy lifestyle.


Shivangi has a very positive and inspiring message for all Ayurveda, spiritual and healthy living enthusiasts.
She says-
"The times are changing, everyone has begun to understand the importance of Ayurveda, it's purity is ready to make each one of us pure from within.
Try to taste the depths of Ayurveda, breathe its enthusiasm and cover yourself with its healing and positive vibes.”

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